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Cooking with Mama Di: Banana Bread

Banana Bread Recipe Alert!
Banana bread healthy for your family. I really want you guys to try my moist banana bread.

Thanks for joining me in another episode of Cooking with Mama Di. I really hope you enjoy the video! This is better than my mother’s homemade banana bread. Sorry mommy!

Recipe: (For one Loaf)
1 cup of sugar
1/2 cup of butter
2 eggs
250 ml sour cream
3 very ripe bananas
2 cups of flour
1/2 teaspoon of baking powder
1 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda
Pinch of salt
Spices (vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg)

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Video Transcription

[Music]hello my name is Dianna and welcome backto my channel and with my next episodeof cooking with mama Dee today I’m goingto be baking my very favorite bananabread this recipe I found in a bookcalled Kraft bacon and it is really goodbecause I have made this for many of myco-workers and they just gobble it up soto start what we are going to do is weare gonna be beating the sugar and thebutter so the basic recipe would be 1cup of sugar quarter cup of butter tostart so I’m just gonna pour out all theingredients there we go that’s just andjust kind of slice and okay let’s justwork this in try to use the mixer knowwhen I was growing up my grandmotherused to use a glass bottle to mix of herbutter and sugar with but I guess withtechnology you know everybody does theywon’t just gonna get rid of this justscrape down the side and here we go justput this over here they’re not gonnastart my mixture it’s gonna get a littlebit noisy but I try not to talkso let’s just sugar[Music]so I’m going to break for eggs cuzremember no we’re making double therecipe so one two three four okay[Music][Music]and the next field that we becameanywaynicestop and then this mixture here which isthe egg sugar and butter I am going tojust put aside here and then we aregoing to be mashing the banana no Idon’t like to use a mixer to mix thebananas I like to manually mash thebananas myself to me it’s a little bitof therapy just to get some littleaggression you just use your potatomasher and you just mash away instead ofout paying for expensive therapy so thisgoes a long way so here we go so we’vegot so we’ve got no I wanna see one twothree I didn’t for bananas this is aboutsix bananas cuz I am doubling the recipebecause when everybody banana bread atmy house and it comes out of the oven inlike no timewhat is finished so we have to be morethan one so we’re just gonna open thebananas and then peel them off and therewe go take my handy dandy potato masherand mash the banana here we go bang bangyes get that aggression out Bang BangChitty love mash the bananas get it upmash the bananas get it up[Applause]and scoop it in there we go add that tothe mixture and to make it moist I amgoing to use them a whole container ofno-name sour creamno I like my no-name brand because asfar as I’m concerned they are just asgood as the regular prime and it’s alittle bit cheaper and that’s just up myalleyso here we go a whole container so acream I’m just going to spoon that outand I’m just going to use my mixed it injust make sure it’s mixed in properlyaround okay so it looks really good sonow I am going to add my spices to thisnow I like whenever I’m dating to add mytrusty vanilla as I said the last timeas Jamaicans we lover vanilla but one ofmy co-workers says oh not only Jamaicanslove letting their so I said to her okayUS Caribbean people lover vanilla sothere you go so I’m going to add myvanilla to it and then I’m going to addsomejust a little bit there we go just togive it a little flavor also my notename rang and I’m going to grab mygraterone fun fact about is greater thisgrater that I have about like it’s about30 years old it is older than my oldestdaughter so just mix it and incorporatedsmells delicious okay okay let’s getthis out of the way put this out of hereand now for my dry ingredients okay so Iam going to be using because at MW myrecipe I’m making two banana bread I amgoing to be using four cups of sugar andthe recipe calls for half a teaspoon ofbaking powder so it’s gonna be oneteaspoon of baking powder and it shouldbe two teaspoon of baking soda so herewe go and I’m just gonna beat this inmix it around that’s my reason agentsbaking powder and baking soda mostlybaking soda now I’m going to add it lastbut not least something if we’re addingmy floor I’m adding a little bit of saltality is my hand too muchmyself because that way I can control itso there you go this autism and I’mgoing to know my flower which I’ve gothere pre-measured four cups of flour andI shall go let’s pour this out no noknock it no no knock it down here we go16 16 16 brain a little tambourinemaking sure all the lumps come out underthe flour sifting all the way to thevery end there we go so now I’m back tomy spatula I am just going to mix in myflouryoulittle turn on my oven here this bigstart my two friends that I have greasedand floured I’m just going to put mymixture in my mixture Rina[Music]yeah just gonna put these in the panbring this scrape it outlook at those lovely banana piecesthat’s why it’s called banana breadokay just gonna use my spatula and getthe rest outoh that’s um wanted this one andscrape the edges of my bowl and just getsome more of my banana bread mixturesauce set and ready to go in the oven soI started over now I’m just going tocan’t even waste a drop so here I justwant to run around the edges and justclean up clean up the edges cuz if youdon’t clean up the edges when you bakethe edges will burn and burn so here’smy banana bread mixture and I’m just putthese up in the um and it will take anhour to bake for an hour and it’s a wrapright now so my banana bread has been inthe oven for at least an hour so I justwanna open it and look at them oh mythey look really beautiful so I’m justgonna grab a claw and I am going to looklikeso that’s banana bread number one theylook deliciousso now I’m just going to let it cool forat least 15 minutes because if you tryto turn it out before it’s cool theywill break up so we’ll be back in acouple of minutes and I’ll show you howit lookssome of the banana breads are out of theoven and they have cooled so what Iusually do is I usually take a knife andjust use the back part of the knife andrun it along the edges because I amtrying to loosen it and last week I wastalking to my aunt and when I told her Iwas going to be making banana bread shesaid oh no and Dianna I don’t know aboutthat that’s your mom makes a good bananabread a nice set a nice setup okay let’ssee here we goeasy peasy so it is now I would type thearm the pan and I am just going to takemy knife so I’m just gonna cut it andthis is the end and this is how it looksnice and moist and I’m going to cutanother slice and then I’m going totaste it okay let’s move it out of theway I’m gonna take this slice and thiscut is in half[Music]I can tell you this this banana bread ismuch better than my mother’s starvingmoney hmmso if you enjoyed this video hit thelike button and subscribe and I will seeyou guys next week

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