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Cheesy Garlic Bread Recipe | How to make Cheesy Garlic Bread | Garlic Cheese Bread

This Cheesy Garlic Bread Recipe video will show you how to make cheesy garlic bread at home. This garlic cheese bread is made from Melted butter, garlic, mozzarella cheese, Onion, Cilantro and some spices. Enjoy this yummy and delicious Cheesy Garlic Bread!!
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Video Transcription

welcome to my channel files recipe today
I’m going to show you a very easy peasy
cheesy garlic bread and it’s a little
spicy as well so let’s get started the
ingredients to make this cheesy garlic
bread are some melted butter this is
about two to three tablespoons I have
some minced garlic over here that’s
about 1 tablespoon this is one to one
and a half teaspoons of oregano 1
teaspoon of chili flakes
I have quarter chopped onion some
cilantro chopped you can also use
parsley if you wish to I’m just using
cilantro and this is some mozzarella
cheese and for the bread you can use any
bread I’m just using the hot dogs bread
that’s easily available to make this
garlic bread so I have this melted
butter over here and I’m adding the
minced garlic to this and the oregano
and I’m just going to mix this together
and this is a super easy and delicious
recipe that you can make instantly at
home with the basic ingredients now I
have this melted butter mixed with
minced garlic and oregano and I’m going
to keep this aside and the next thing is
the Mazzarella cheese so this is the
mozzarella cheese and just to give it a
little bit of twist I’m just adding some
onions some cilantro parsley tastes
equally good but I’m just using cilantro
because it’s available easily at home
and I’m adding the chili flakes as well
ok and I’m going to mix all this
together add some more onions so a
Mazzarella cheese mixed with onions
cilantro and chili flakes is ready and
now I’m just going to take the stray
aluminum tray and I’m going to place the
bread over here and after placing the
bread on this I am just going to take
this melted butter with all the mixed
ingredients and just rub it with a brush
so I’m just putting the melted butter on
this on all the pieces
okay now after adding the melted butter
and everything now I’m going to add this
cheese you can add as much or as little
as you need
so now I’m going to place this garlic
bread into the oven for about 10 to 15
minutes at 300 degrees Fahrenheit and
then check so I’m going to displace it
in this mini oven
so let’s check on our garlic bread it’s
been 10 to 12 minutes now and hmm looks
like it’s ready it’s ready right now and
I’m going to serve it so this is a
garlic bread and I’m just going to cut
it in the center like this and you can
see it’s so easy to make at home and
it’s so delicious as well and now I’m
just going to serve it our cheesy garlic
bread is now ready and you saw its
really easy to make at home and if you
like the recipe do like share comment
and subscribe to my channel
files recipe and for more videos tune
until next time thanks for watching bye

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