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Camping Under a Tarp in Heavy Rain – Bread Baking – Campfire Cooking – Solo Wild Camping – Painting

This is part 4 of a multi day solo bushcraft wild camping trip, Tenkara fishing, painting and lake hopping in wild lakes using traditional gear and a packraft by Kokopelli packrafts. On these 2 days it rained a lot, 70% of the time. So the little paddling I did wasn’t filmed. Most of the time was spent gathering dry standing wood, chopping it and storing it under the tarp. I din’t film any of this because when it wasn’t raining that was my priority instead of filming it.

The rest of my time was spent in painting and cooking. I baked some bread using my small anodized aluminum cooking pot, works great by the way and no, I didn’t melt. For this trip I brought along 12 charcoal briquetes for baking on it. You can use charcoal from the fire but the briquetes are more stable, compact and perfect for weather like this.

The tarp did its job. Under it, my rucksack, wood and myself were always dry.

The wall behind my fire is a windbreaker and helps draft smoke upwords as you can see in the video.

Watch part 3 here:

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Behind the scenes and trip shots:


Original of the video here

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