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Video Transcription

five to culture what do you want with
your wing sir ranch you don’t want you
don’t want it you have to give it to you
for free you have it that would be how
does it play it even tried it twice sure
okay I’m sure it’s like when I used to
get one oh yes I’m telling you I don’t
want more free I’m telling you I don’t
want it and it’s fucking free so would
you do this we did this week mm-hmm well
this weekend isn’t a part of a week like
at least the last time yeah it’s killing
so I’ve got to this podcast thing used
to hurry up in that ice bringing some
incomes a weekend fuck by the way Taco
Bell’s really great we should talk about
how great talk about is if you want this
podcast we sponsored by anybody who
would you want to be sponsored by hot
fries okay Chester’s hot fries best know
there’s straight as money there’s three
as fuck alright your hot fries are like
the regular cheese no no hot I love hot
cheetos no I’m in like the fuck oh that
one guy without hot fries talk about
like directly like yeah non spicy ones
are hot hot / spicy the wonder like
little red potato strips you never seen
it oh they’re hot fries I know what
you’re talking man I’m asking you do you
just want to be sponsored by hot fries /
reg’lar not hot fries I’d rather just
have hot fries I don’t care for respond
to me yo but for real
talk about would be great talk about
will be dope it’ll be very grande talk
about get it Taco Bell overtime get it
stop you can get them what other besides
food would you rather be sponsored by
mmm like some alcohol thing really would
you want to make your own outcome no I’m
more like if you have if you say if I
gotta make your own brand of alcohol
mm-hmm my name is JC miss might get a
drink it’s not gay I’m gonna be gay it’s
actually gonna be super straight brother
being here nothing dangerous
I’m not my drinks not gonna be okay I
mean if it is you say are you say that
we’ll accept different I’ll accept it
for what it is if it is I don’t care
so why does it matter if there’s not gay
I guess it doesn’t drinks don’t have
sexualities you’re allowed to make your
own drink their congratulations you
didn’t please
the marketing team will approve this um
the board will the board will yourself
in their head I mean um know if you had
what kind of alcoholic drink would you
have like would it be like like a beer
liquor don’t have to be a liquor I love
beer but there’s too many good beers I
don’t want to take oh no not a drink or
like a mixer it’s practice key but some
respect all day tomorrow
hey some what you and you’re a smart
when you showed me your folder on
YouTube full of his’n it’s only getting
larger it’s like how like three thousand
videos how long would it take to listen
to all that cuz there’s somebody some
are videos like three hours of a girl
smacking her lips doing cute little
faces thinking it gets more than just
let it go not gonna kill little faces
okay what is it
it’s about relaxation it’s about common
people’s anxiety depression it’s my
medicine fuck therapy it’s my medicine I
was looking it up and I saw the dark
side of it where you’re just like some
of these girls are like breathing into
it and it’s supposed to define the dark
side it’s supposed to be
weird shit might find the dark space
Marv if you watch me an avid watcher
yeah exactly
if you watch it some of those girls
dress real provocative I’m like who the
fuck if this is supposedly sound why are
you dressed in like a tube top some
people or some girls are making by
visual cues like one of them I don’t
know who she is she’s like a brown
haired girl I was looking a compilation
of weird ASMR shape I’m saying I just
she looks like a basic brown haired
bitch and she’s like in a tank top and
she’s saying like this is – this is –
running water ASMR and she puts it on
herself you hear – water running but
it’s going all over a shirt I’m like
okay she does that for a bit and then
like other ones are like girls
whispering into the thing like they said
like one of them was like whispering
girlfriend shit into the ASMR yeah and
I’m like okay that’s cool I guess
it’s like those weird lap pillows that
guys get to lay their head on which
looks oddly creepy win you’ll get it
above it just looks like you chopped it
up you’ve never seen it I’ve seen oh
it’s kind of creepy house it’s like that
is Amy how a smart who is which is
created keep going go keep going okay I
understand just cuz you have that video
the girls think it’s okay it’s okay I’m
like rubbing the my yeah
some people this phase marks that feel
alone wait some people have over 3,000
videos in their playlist yeah it’s gonna
take like a year to listen to if you
listen to it straight yeah some of them
were like this one grows three hours of
just smacking your lips yeah mouth like
you got mouth sound this is a popular
yes I hate that it’s it’s disgusting
personally I like some people think it’s
too strong of the trigger some of them
are like some of them are like you know
the mic typing yeah they’re like no
rubbing with the fuzzy gloves on people
like the finger photos I hate that I
hate running water cuz I’m rather you
about to take a piss or this girl that
clicks their tongue like over and over
again they do it tattoos that – my
head’s jiggling right now from that
stock no see just give me a pug
breathing like I didn’t tell you there’s
there’s pug days they probably is but I
didn’t look it up cuz I didn’t want to
get stuck in that rabbit hole no no stop
find some pug is more no you aren’t
keep them innocent I don’t want them
let’s row as far as totally innocent
it’s my pug let’s go found it no you did
like Doug the pug has an ASMR yes more
pug oh yeah any the Pug a s’more of
course Doug the Pug is far they’re all
eating crunchy rice cakes stop you know
that is my dream I have some more one
hour of pug dog snoring oh my god
no I will look this up later no I will
I’m gonna probably look that up it’s
like a mukbang no fucking look baby see
– you see that one with the black
chicken sheets that big-ass lobster and
you just hear it like like crackling
Lobster and it’s like all the shoes no
and here’s the thing if you don’t like
lobster don’t watch it cuz you just see
all the juices come out of it and you
just hear like her like oh my god she
has this like the like hanging above her
and she’s just going to town on this
fucking Lobster like a lobster
it is so fucked I don’t mean you can
hear the shell like she has to open it
and you’re like okay and you see all the
juices and that’s when she did it oh my
god and I’m just
yo miss casting like I like Lobster
no it’s not it chief no me and the
village chief had a talk no DG came to
the consensus that this was not dead
it’s in it right nod to saying yeah no
that’s why I thought chief come on come
spare a minute or two of your time yeah
sure what’s up wait are you sure it’s
not just double check you know just
there’s a lot of people here just want
to make sure everything’s fine
yeah all right would you go about luck
big dog who the fuck said that
sorry chief no who the fuck said step up
pick up your sticks it was meaty what
you guys get smug thank you
who me fuck me what bang sounds like a
sexual term but it’s not they dragged on
it was a legitimate first beef with it
second it’s gross to hear people don’t
give me a pervert name it’s not
perverted exactly for the culture this
is three to culture this is the corn
bottom sure we five o’clock that’s three
to culture anything that’s not with us
that’s the Rita culture it’s like a
rating nationally I would give that one
to culture like that’s so below the
culture is negative for the culture
because it’s not even it’s not for it
it’s against it it’s totally not for the
closure anyways right yeah I’m gonna go
another spiel of school shooters but um
all I’m gonna say is why person brings
out their book back really quick
oh my good night even school or some of
you dressed in a trench coat in the
movie theater and it’s Batman return and
I’m come out I’m sorry I’m out right
here trenchcoat I love your movies
Christopher Nolan but I ain’t good
see speaking of movies God fucking
monsters king of the monsters yeah it’s
like supposed to be a callback to the
actual Godzilla king of the monsters
which had way more monsters
it had like fucking 12 monsters even
obscure as monsters and no one gave a
fuck there were 17 really they’re 17
total ones and Counting in the movie oh
sorry this one okay I forgot cuz they
talked about the database okay I thought
you meant like in the movie the original
king of monsters Louie that was like I
forgot they had they had so many obscure
ass monsters you seen the older ones
right yeah I haven’t seen I use older
ones I used to stay up in the middle of
night because my parents are like any
other ones in this one in the older ones
lower ones
oh yeah outside of it sort of Road in
Mothra and Kingdom that mammoth one I’ve
never seen Indians it’s been a bit since
we’ve seen it but it’s funny how Mothra
and Rodan is a call back to the original
monster zero movie where King Ghidorah
I call him Diedrich because that’s what
they called him very first it’s good
door I don’t I think it doesn’t matter
they keep changing the pronunciation but
in the very first one monster zero
they went to Planet X because it
disappeared and they went to go talk to
the people there and the alien people
were like there’s a monster that taxes
we call a monster zero and it’s King
Ghidorah ain’t Godzilla and then Rodin
and Mothra help them and so that’s a
callback to that yeah I like the way to
Rodin looks honest he does not and if
you look at old he looks so janky and he
had his own movies let’s say that same
way I see I can’t wait to bring in the
other ones if they bring in camera the
goodness spinning flame little gamma or
Gomorrah no no no gomorrah’s Romero but
it’s camera
and ahem little kid like yeah and you go
up and it’s a spinning flaming
scary-looking turtle like no that’s cool
I can’t wait yo the first fight when he
comes up from the ice in Brazil yo when
he first started coming up with I hope
spoiler warnings are you sorry yeah
again from the Lhasa this is a spoiler
how long has it been out three weeks a
little less than a month three weeks two
Leipsic to a 93 between two to three
weeks I think three weeks if you haven’t
watched it fuck you Godzilla bitch no no
no you’re a really cool thing like yo
that’s a that’s a very vague claim okay
know it spoiler spoiler warning it fuck
you spoilers who gives a fuck yeah okay
whatever um you know so the moment that
Ghidorah was coming out of the ice I
know I would have been like dumb how
would not I don’t care if Oh also fuck
that which one you know the mom oh the
mom don’t stick your dick in crazy movie
and the third time I watched it there’s
a guy in the movie theater and the
moment she was explaining her plan and
how the Titans need to pretty much
eliminate all of the human population
okay obviously this bitch is crazy
and like half of the hard strike herds
guy his laughing little time all while
she’s trying to be dead serious she’s
like you gotta listen to me and then the
guy from Game of Thrones is like yeah
there are some things you just can’t run
away from already your son gets killed
by the monster so you’re like hey let’s
let these monsters run train on the
fuckin earth fuck – anyways they come
out and Godzilla comes up I’m like yo
and then he starts roaring these
and he’d go running to like what’s it
when they’re at the underwater base
mm-hmm and then the cons illa was
pulsing the light that was pretty good
he’s like wait like I love what the guys
like I’m totally nine to this weight I’m
totally into this now open the shields
midair you’re good okay
like open the shield Pete well you knew
a vitamin for a beard just open the
fucking ice cubes Sun was so great he
was he was all of us I think I relate
more with the guy who’s like I fucking
called it underwater tunnels be the
other guy yeah you know one scientist
guy he was great he was like every the
whole scientist Catholic right
he was like give me his a fucking
whatever his territory package of there
is why cuz I want to start a fucking I
want to fucking boat trip whatever yeah
he’s like what show me the fucking Rock
fucking routes I fucking love this movie
okay I got say they had this one camera
angle when every monster was like you
know when Rodin came out of the volcano
in Mexico also why the fuck they do
Mexico anyway why is it offensive
he fucks that Mexico fuck up spoke about
Salvador’s I’m Sierra fuck up Nicaragua
Nitori just fuck up somewhere else
they are any of the cartels go there and
they already have cartels and shit
whatever anyway okay so anyways so did
you probably noticed it cuz you saw
three times that camera angle where the
monster comes up and it’s like the ain’t
the camera goes and it zooms in on their
face like yeah yeah each monster had
like they’re pretty dope it’s like when
Godzilla like when road when Rodin came
up and he looks it’s like a little
character intro in a video game it’s
like Rodin it goes up on his face music
Rodin the powers are can fly his power
is can fly and do
shit and while he’s flying in it’s been
he looks kind of like a turkey it’s kind
of creepy dog it’s creepy right
become the fighter like they call him
he’ll be fired you know in there it’s
just a pterodactyl he’s like I don’t
know why the floor see an item like a
fire in air Oh doctor what is he looks
like but that’s it like he had no other
powers I don’t think it’s kind of cool
though maybe maybe I’m fucking up and
not remembering it was so yeah I’m not
like the best the biggest thing they did
Mothra great I love Mothra and mother
was pretty dope but the Godzilla I can’t
believe he just like fucked them all up
and then his atomic breath was so cool
he drew look great sorry I kick on
goodra because that’s how I know you’re
talking but Ghidorah
cuz everybody like you know it’s get
door I’ve heard yeah it’s like anyways
Watanabe the he’s it a little scene when
he went in on the bow and you’re like we
have no weapon system you have to take
it like an Asian guy yeah oh my god that
was I was like yeah like you think what
do you want to do by you guys like I’m
about to blow up your home wait what
bloop is whole fucking house you owe me
give you some juice dog need some juice
dog it’s like what you’re gonna do it’s
gonna blow up your fucking house stop
but mmm cheap the whole shit got quiet
for a bit everyone’s like maybe the best
idea thank God you know fast enough huh
how’d it get out fast enough anyways you
know I think God still came off the
water like are you the mother fuckers
responsible for blood on my house well
and the dads like you killed my son
I don’t
about anything today I’d like a
telepathy was like luck get killed your
kid I killed the kid you put my house
now we even fuck out of your boy and
they gonna be Petty splash get your
whole crew but ooh and I got a little
doodoo on that tail so fuck off some
sketchy how does the guts of stand up in
the water that’s the real question
maybe no no sure this is a theory baby
when it blew up all the magma from his
home made like a little platform and his
tail – you see him rocking them I don’t
know I was thinking that – like that
maybe he flew ties tail bro you question
your Zilla so oxygen yeah that’s the
desert you go back to the first movie
that’s how they destroyed their because
the reason he like was destroying our
know destroy his thing by the engine no
destroyer I forgot how destroy a king oh
that this is Daria I thought destroyers
orgy was like the oxygen dish where
caused some weird mutation with like
bacteria in the bottom ocean whatever
and I hope bunch of shit maybe I forgot
I don’t know I’m not sorry I don’t claim
to be an expert but yeah maybe because
that’s what they use oh they always did
dope shit in the movies – kind of like
callback like yeah originally
Mechagodzilla was just hey we built the
robot like Godzilla and he has a Paris
but then in the later reduce you think
King Kong’s
well how old is King Kong cos Godzilla
penny has been living
ever well what school I wanted took
place in what this 1970 it was after
World War two so around that time yeah
yeah and little buddy he was employed in
the state Lester yeah and he has and he
was now he’s like probably bigger
I can’t new latest movie you didn’t like
so what year was it it the latest movie
it’s supposed to be now okay it’s like
this time so let’s just say it’s like 20
20 years I’m right yeah cuz the last cuz
around gun it showed when he attacked SF
Bay Area what’s up
you attacked SF and that’s when it shows
years to now oh yeah it said five years
later so yeah so it’s literally like now
is that that’s nine tonight 2019 so if
if King Kong was an adolescence in Skull
he’s probably full-grown now that’s like
the toys maybe over a desk for teenage
yeah John see Riley’s dead long dead cuz
he was all of the nap King Kong would be
like I need oh I really need to work on
my 401k beach
I ain’t Samuel Jackson I did not know he
just squished him that movie was great
one of us so security supposed to kick
in cut down cuz you know if this whole
Godzilla thing don’t go through I’m
gonna need a fallback if me and uh did
you can get your you don’t go on work
things out huh I hope you guys degree
just you know case he loses it so he’s
gonna need any following maybe become a
duster on job somewhere dr. Kong
needs to stay on top of like used car
salesman dealerships you may see me
right now I might be big but these deals
are bigger
King Kong spinning an arrow sign no he’s
no we’re not doing this he’s not only
used-car salesman he’s King Kong that’s
as if things don’t work out
do you think King Kong and Godzilla are
gonna team up to fight something I feel
like that that’s the only thing because
no one’s good either okay
in the original Godzilla they killed him
in the first movie and every Godzilla
after that was its sibling or something
or its kid and then it’s like this must
be another Godzilla cuz he’s father
Giganta something or whatever race and
then that Godzilla was good and that’s
when it starts becoming like because the
very first movie it was about humans
against Godzilla when he’s just drawing
the city and they used the oxygen
pumping to like kill him because some
doctor was you know working on it and
then this other was like oh it’s his
sibling I think and then he gets for
some reason he has a kid son of Godzilla
which at first or minima they call him –
he look he looks he looks they had a
time where they could do my brother’s
kid no no they if you look it they have
times where he could talk some of these
monsters could talk to people yeah it
was like okay whatever I don’t care
I love these movies cuz I was a kid and
I just like seeing Godzilla but then the
meltdown one when he does the meltdown
in the other movies he died cuz it was
his heart was like a nuclear reactor
over no heating I think I think that
ties in with the doora to doora what’s
his name
destroy yeah yeah yeah Godzilla’s to
destroy you’re like that’s like like
Godzilla’s son no no yeah and yeah Papa
Godzilla comes in like and then yeah and
then fucking wrecks destroy it but eases
the meltdown thing – yeah but it’s too
much in it to bring the radiation and to
bring his son back yeah and he becomes a
new Godzilla yeah then they had Godzilla
like then they if there was a time where
he rebooted like another state it was
the same studio and stuff tow but they
were like they got a new director and
stuff and I was like let’s bring it back
here’s mecha godzilla he looked way
cooler you’re like yeah
like mercy no and but this one was like
it’s the bones from the old Godzilla
each reboot took place after the first
movie then like even this new one the
Shingo Atilla it’s supposed to be like I
think after the first one which I liked
I know a lot of people didn’t like it
but I like some of it I can see it’s
very cool yes it’s not like and I could
see like the problems like a lot of
people are like it’s never Gilliam but
because he even has the same cutaways
like the elevator and the same like
conversations then they shoot should I
was tail yeah even Sheva spammed a fan
of that you don’t like the whole
porcupine beams to be no you got myth
though that one see where he’s putting
the lava plume out of his mouth and it
goes like a short beam that’s even
killing us fuck speaking of which here
yeah I got the shirt to go second impact
took place in the year 2000 because this
was a pub in the near future got it got
it both I’m gonna wear that hat – so me
just bring it out okay Sean would say
anyway embroidered embroidery look at
that don’t tell me that’s not hot yeah
everything Gilly
earth-boy but yeah great movie final
battle was great that whatever a ship
they had the only thing I was pissed off
about in that movie is whenever like one
good door and Denzel were fighting the
plane came in the middle of the view
mm-hmm kind of blocked the whole fight
no cares I got stupid little line from
the corner of the trailer and
you killed my son god no I hope no one
cares about them 11 and the chick from a
conjuring ball she is from the country
yeah man you know what she died
everything all settling fuck her she
caused so many though see what she’s no
she’s no she’s not no no you know what
she is Bay fuck that have you seen Bates
Motel no she’s she’s Norman Norman Bates
mom no I’m psycho it have to be that
she’s she’s subtracted okay but like in
all seriousness I get it when she did
her thing in the way that she kind of
went back on it I’m like okay I can kind
of get losing a family especially like
losing I remember that age fucks a lot
of people excuse don’t care I was like
okay fucking good value say no start no
busy famous you can kind of see cuz this
whole planet Daniels make sense yeah I’m
saying she’s like she’s like value
Thanos and they wanna but anyway you
fucked that post anyways there was a
point where I’m watching a movie and I’m
like I can see this and I saw mothered
I’m like there’s no way she’s just gonna
die here she probably late a couple
mothers too much of like I love
character dude oh yeah that’s why they
kept bringing her back into it Oh
Virginia movies it’s Mother’s two kids I
couldn’t fuck she have time to just lay
those eggs for what they did back then
they were great oh but one of the things
about these movies yeah like the fact
that it was Rodin and Mothra and they
were all like you know we’re gonna he
drew not all of them I think Rodin had
to work with them because it’s like the
Alpha but the fact it’s those four
monsters is a call back to the original
interim movie
Rodin was like hey Godzilla what’s a
good door as I entered the dog and you
had this dog anyway I said to the chat
Godzilla has left the chat I love it
like when it’s it’s like they call them
geeky Dora Dora King Ghidorah
it’s like oh I get it cuz routines
bowing oh that’s super cool and the fact
that Rodin comes up and talks about me
to got down three beats in like yo man
do you had this big ups I knew you had I
was just fucking around dog you know
that was a perfect ending just Godzilla
reigning over two monsters all about
he’s like roaring bets it the perfect no
stupid little hey your mom was a good
person no she was she fucking cause I
was like telling um cuz I saw it with my
sister and when I was there I was like
that bitch better get time after this if
she survives that bitch better get so
much time I don’t give a fuck I don’t
your book if she somehow eventually
saved him with that like gee I’m glad
it’s good to see died cuz she were that
time and then like you sure the little
thing of um I guess there’s an after
credit scene I didn’t see it what
happened Oh spoiler like that’s in case
just to reopen the spoiler it runs out
at the movie like how the first set of
credits were rolling it was shown like
photos and stuff I guess after all that
remember the movie where I’d say like
bet off one of the heads mm-hmm
and he spat it out east by powder and
then that’s when the oxygen bomb came in
I guess at the end of the movie it shows
the the eco-terrorists old man guy yeah
he’s like
I get to talk to some fishermen never
who got it you know finding the head it
was like they’re gonna be decimated by
the oxygen boom
wait what that area be decimated by the
oxygen bound yeah that’s what the guy
was like well can’t can’t fuck a fish
fish were fucking dead oh yeah I saw
that way they all died yeah so we got
this and that this shows like Edoras
head mm-hmm and the eco-terrorists is
like I’ll take it Oh Mike so that yeah
yeah like you like I was thinking I
think they’re gonna make a Gibbs no
Mecca Mecca Ghidorah Kaduri oh they have
to do they have to there’s no other way
like engineer it so that it grows like
stem cells or something like another key
I don’t know what they’re gonna do see I
can see this in a couple ways they can
do a king count like you said they do
King conquered Zillah some stupid shit
happens and they have to fight another
monster I don’t think it’s gonna be
Mecca Ghidorah I think they’re gonna
keep eggs too early
yeah they might do like against some
other big monster I can see makers bring
into space shit cuz the whole way that
they were controlling evil with the
sounds that’s not he did they could be
cool if those destroy it would be cool
I feel like they would be splurging your
load way too quick I gotta be like you
gotta have another monster I either
they’re gonna make up another one cuz
this isn’t a Muto they’re like what the
I’m like maybe it was a different one
yeah watch him I think it could be
explained as oh they laid another egg in
order like I’m fine with that
I could care less it wasn’t even a big
part of movie it was just a little cold
us but no I was thinking of the skull
Crusher’s but they keep very small
compared to guns don’t know either that
or Godzilla’s gonna die against King
Kong not die but die fighting the
monster with King Kong what what no no
get out of here
you’re fucking it up
anyways anyway I feel like either
they’re gonna fight and they’re gonna
kill that monster and incidents gonna
happen or Godzilla’s gonna do another
meltdown and it’s gonna be too much and
he’s gonna like dissipate and it’s gonna
reveal like kisana Godzilla’s growing or
something I could see that and then son
of Godzilla comes and and mecha godzilla
gets built from like like how they had
any other movies from like the bones of
the first Godzilla I don’t know they
have to have mecha godzilla he’s – I can
see them with like the other one I get
mecha godzilla be too early
yeah I don’t think he’s gonna eat this
second movie’s gonna kill or or mecha
Ghidorah be too early record or would be
like the last movie in this universe
like in the final wars they added I feel
like there’s a war King Kong that’s
gonna fight and then towards the end
they gonna team up to fight something
else I just don’t know what yet yeah
either I gonna make it up but they’re
gonna get some like whatever or they
just fight the whole movie and they just
sent out for other ideas you know but
whenever we gonna see Jet Jaguar when
are we gonna see space Godzilla as I’m
saying – they’re probably not bringing
this space thing cuz there’s bio lanty
that was made from like Godzilla cells
and sound like a space thing they’re
bringing that what’s called a Z force
the mmm-hmm I could see that happening
I’m using it
it sounds so much cleaner dose yeah yeah
I only used his mic because it was like
whatever back to it yeah but I think
Godzilla and conquer a fight and then I
really don’t know where you’re gonna go
cuz there’s no you much nothing destroy
him maybe a little too early I feel the
spaceship dough because space Godzilla
has to be a factor that has to be a
factor that’s like a big thing that’s
like one of those things that’s gonna I
don’t know his origin either it’s like a
space big home space Godzilla he has all
these crystals it’s like these crystals
like they get space they get like
it’s like Godzilla genes that combined
with it and take the form of Godzilla
like creature
it’s like roaming through space there’s
a whole bunch of bullshit odd no there’s
a whole bunch of bullshit that they had
to like take into account because they
tried to make so many of these movies
it’s like what the fuck but another
thing is that uh they kept rebooting so
they kept changing shit like they had
two different mechagodzilla’s they
brought all these launches back then
they had a different one and mecha Gaeta
came in like the final wars mm-hmm where
it was like this monster X that
everybody was like it’s deidre and he
was like what is it oh and it takes the
form is kitra it’s like okay and they
fought it and it was like you would its
gauge or like everybody knew that was
kitra it’s the final cut to the movie as
far as we know yeah
and they had like some matrix shit with
like the humans fighting these aliens
and like this special ops for is it was
doing martial arts scene I think that’s
the Z force in it
yeah and it was like the Godzilla
fighting force yeah landfire wait what
was that one kid with the hearts from
Captain pannier talking about what about
no what was his thing love I think our
heart I think it was hard it was machen
it that cat there’s so much diversity in
their show you I bet they would still
watch political commentary
it would be like Shazam but less racist
see that’s what I didn’t like about
ghosts I didn’t like about goes through
the shell like I was like when people
were first think screams she’s not even
here like she’s a cyborg but that’s the
thing exactly how it does what was
saying oh yeah it was even meant to be
like a Japan thing it was meant to be
like this thing I don’t know the creator
said his own thing about how it was
supposed to be Japanese I’m like well
would you guys expect me of course
you’re gonna whitewash it it’s fucking
America like yeah no one’s gonna care
cuz we didn’t meet no you know is that
we don’t care actress so you can’t here
it is so they get scarred Johansson
chitty chitty that’s a joke that’s a
joke yo take a joke yo yo take a fucking
besides Lucy but with that one it was
like oh not a Japanese girl and I’m for
me this was me personally I was like
I’ll see the movie because I like
Scarlett Johansson and at least she
looks she’s very okay but what I didn’t
like was at the end they do this whole
thing of it doesn’t matter she’s a
cyborg they never said she was Japanese
then at the end she meets her mom how
she was in real life and it’s a Japanese
yourself that’s wrong with her Japanese
girl didn’t even they rebuild the
daughter back to be a white girl yeah
where is des white people in the Navy
okay they’re gonna double down on it’s
not a she
that’s not about the race it’s not a
race so what’s the one thing at the end
it was it was like I met you you met
your mom oh she’s Japanese like I
thought she wasn’t I thought didn’t
matter what’s wrong with her mom being
Japanese her dad being what did they say
yeah did she say she’s in Japan in her
mom’s area but her dad not and it’s in
the future has it so hard at the mom she
just to me was like how does that so odd
they were trying to be like there’s no
race there’s no way she’s a cyborg
there’s no race and then at the end it’s
like then they put a race to it today
and you’re like and she doesn’t look any
J dent they make sure looks nothing like
Jabba now it’s that she was a human at
one point
yeah but here’s the thing why did they
always okay so okay let me tell you this
they get the body yeah she was a human
and they’re like you know we can make
yourself look cool make her face look a
little more white that’s kind of say
that okay you’re making that if you’re
half Mexican or half anything or have
any you will at least look like both she
didn’t look any Japanese Japanese is it
because most of time there’s at least
some features that you’re like oh you’re
some type of mix because I’ve heard I’ve
ever seen like a light skinned person
and they’re like oh that person is a
must be mixed with are you slights game
well yeah they tell you what’s it what’s
it but if you don’t know but there’s
times where it’s like at least with like
other people it’s like oh you’re seen by
other people like my friend was
and Japanese he didn’t tell me he was
jabbing you just said his last name was
Brazilian yeah and your cuz it so he
looks resilient and then I was like you
know but are you some type of a mix cuz
yeah like a different face he’s like oh
yeah I’m also I have to have a nice
okay that’s because Brazilians don’t
have any type of hairless faces no
because Brazilians don’t have that type
of hair you have a white person face no
it’s mostly the hair I was like what the
fire glare happy police in a Brazilian
prison they don’t have that okay it
wasn’t even the hair the hair was great
because I was like at least it looks
like her mat at least looks like what’s
her name I forgot no she had a name
indices cuz I used to watch ghost in the
shell and it’ll stand a little complex
and that’s like Death Note you have to
watch you friend of starting a second
gig you have to watch the first season
not gonna watch it it was so stupid at
one point I don’t watch American
adaptation probably doesn’t occupy movie
coming out – what’s that there’s gonna
be an Aikido movie rocker removing
whatever act here I thought was Akita
whatever it’s pronounced they’re gonna
did you receive him in a panic not all
of it
they were gonna have a movie it was in a
pen and there was a point where they’re
like careful it’s gonna be the main dude
I’m like I could see that and people
like no Japanese cast only name you give
me one a good Japanese actor he’s pretty
good the only guy what – not me oh the
guy from Godzilla he’s been in a few
movies and he was in layers that he
would do me like a young oh is it
I can’t I don’t know any other names but
I’ve seen like the guy who played ruiny
Kenshin in the movie he was in a few
movies he’s pretty good
there’s some young dudes from letters to
Iwo Jima but that was like six years ago
no I might be just putting Asian actors
I’ll just give you shit like 13 assassin
I think one of the dude on there was
like in some soap opera that was his
first serious role like nah not that
soap operas aren’t serious but you know
have you seen telenovelas Mexican when
you look at that there’s always that one
bitch who’s always staring and she
always starts yelling and span
she always rolls her arse in the middle
of an argument and she’ll slap a bitch
like a young bitch there’s so pays to
watch it because my mom would watch them
and all the girls in my family would
watch it saying and some of them we’re
so fucking stupid
like a boobie there’s this telling
wasn’t good days before days before it’s
called fucking my fucking white people
what’s called the days of our lives my
ho days of our lives
yeah it’s like their longest-running one
yeah there’s been no Ruby was they had
like at the end of the series like some
joke or origin story type shit like the
whole series is about this girl she
lives in the ghetto she does not want
people to know that she wants to get out
of it by marrying a rich person she
falls in love with this one guy he’s a
doctor and his did you or did she fall
no she like legit did and then she was
like entirely and like she says that
okay because she admits so many times
throughout the series that she was in
love with him but she can’t be with him
cuz he’s poor cuz he was a broke kid who
was friends with a rich kid and the rich
kids dad helped them become you know get
through school and stuff and so he
becomes a doctor so when he moves there
she’s like and love so she wasn’t even
all about him prior but then the moment
he get some money rolling in he’s like
no you think he didn’t have any money
and that’s why she’s not about him and
her friend who has like a Lynch Lake
yeah he’s like this rich girl and that’s
her friend and Sheila Jimmy her friend
like they’re actually friends but then
there’s sometimes really like Ruby’s
only with her because she’s rich that
she could get to rich people and they’re
in college together
and she’s like I’ve been pen pelling my
boyfriend who I knew for like you know
it’s like a pen pal type thing with like
and then the guy comes in who’s been in
so many so many like he wasn’t at M&Ms
commercial New Jersey I wanna go his
the girl is like it’s like the orange
M&M and she’s like oh you only like me
for my brains like it hit me – chocolate
– and she’s like god you’re beautiful
hopefully you have seen him he cuts his
butt you you probably seen him he speaks
English and he’s been a few old Ruby
yeah I’ve seen the best Asians yo you
could get lost in those eyes I’m just so
then so this is Ruby I think I’ve seen
this I used to have a crush I know half
of these people yeah like they’ve been
in some other movies like he’s been an
international star like he looks like
that today still but um Ruby oh my god I
used to I had a crush on her I had a
crush on her whoa she’s such a bitch but
she’s hot anyway so she that’s her
friend she was pimping this guy and for
the belongings so then he decide panting
Craig Krueger stop so she moves back he
moves back and he comes along cuz
they’re best friends and he was poor
yeah she falls in love with him then she
finds out he’s broke speaker that he was
a poor kid and that he’s still making
his way cuz he just became a doctor and
in anyways she’s like I can’t be with
you so she gets jealous of her because
he’s rich and she tries to get with him
behind her back so she’s playing both of
them cuz she always had miss damn that
yeah I love you but you’re poor I can’t
be with you if you’re poor and then it
gets to a point where because selfish
yeah because she got with him she found
out and she got her leg fixed and she
broke up with him so he lost everything
cuz that she ended up not being with him
dan there’s this hole for him but she he
falls in love with her and they start to
find out they’re in love and then
there’s a point where at the very end
I’m the spoiler for anybody who doesn’t
see Ruby but it’s just so old that you
have to like you have to be stupid not
to what I feel like you’ve you love
Dylan tavella’s he even seen this you’re
fucking dumbass
cuz it was like the most loved one yeah
she’s the main character she’s
bitch yeah so she tries to there’s like
a scene where she like something happens
and she falls off a balcony onto a glass
table and she loses her beauty because
her face gets scratched up but she also
as like a callback to her she lost her
leg I don’t know how they’re just like
you lost your leg and she cries so they
get married and she has a sister and her
sister has a daughter and it it’s the
same actress just with the blonde wig
but it’s supposed to she looks like
gonna be and at the end the me her niece
her sister’s daughter starts to look up
to Ruby and she starts teaching her so
they have a kid and at the end yeah they
have a kid and everything and she’s like
there with like her face all messed up
and like no leg and she’s like I want to
get revenge on them it’s like the last
episode in it’s like you’re gonna make
their kid fall in love with you but also
make him fall in love with you and tear
the family apart
and it’s like and the very ending is her
niece who she trained to be like her
like was getting with theirs their son
and then at the very last scene is he’s
like old and stuff and he has gray hair
and he’s like Ruby and she like winks at
the camera and closes the door it’s like
a copy I’m like that’s fucked up she’s a
total bitch but she’s like the main
character that everybody supposed to
cheer for it’s named after her yeah
telenovelas are crazy it’s like there’s
so much bullshit oh gosh she was so high
she’s okay
shut your fucking mouth anyway but it
was so me stupid wallets and telenovelas
where the music gets all intense and
they stare at each other and it’s always
stupid like you but Ruby you love him
yes but he’s broke so I can’t be with
him it’s like what like bitch even if
you be happy with him I want a man
who’ll get that bread oh yeah oh yeah
crack the kool-aid seven fresh guy comes
in they called me to Big Creek all I
make his brain the Rubies like gotta be
the big because I like he’s pretty and
she starts rolling her arse like really
like egregiously anything you just have
to consciousness to just like throw your
oh there’s all these winners one time Oh
Bella I can’t remember but my grandma
used to watch it what about me I leave
money to you I’m a doctor I say people’s
lives but do you say your money
I just getting started to pay off my
feet I did get on my feet take care that
we could be happy
can you get this bread yeah where’s the
I think bread no mommy I didn’t go to
college because I bakeries
please be with me I’m a doctor can’t
have kids if your kids could injured I
could help them who’s helping you my
friend his dad even though the guy he’s
rich no have the money for that either I
would need to make like there’s a bunch
of dude used to watch goodbye cousin
state because I had girl cousins sounds
good like a trip no series that was
based on it
Desa no was he was a student and she was
trying to get out but it wasn’t as this
one she was cute to this guy he was in
Ruby but okay that’s the guy from
fucking a vampire TV show no shit she
was cute everybody edge Lord but the
whole thing really with black hair
oh yeah that hurt she was supposed to
like each other duck dude yo if you want
to see some hot latina bitches you’ve
watched telenovelas they always have a
pocket or Ranchero guy who like is a
corrupt Ranchero guy who wants a
stripper club like there was a they have
a thing where okay I’m gonna show you
something real quick then we call this
break I’ve seen the scene where someone
I think there’s no that little where
somebody gets hit by a car there’s
somebody know fast what people get hit
because it’s a good plan it’s good plot
that’s a theme time so you see the
scenes this is even that bad that’s how
they look then this is the intro it’s
the intros are in way better HD feels
like this is the intro and I can’t hear
it no but this is deep yeah look it
she’s like no he’s a broke mechanic you
got oil on me in there pays for my way
fuck you I’m trying to look rich bitch
cuz it’s fine
we’ll get that bread but the whole thing
is like if you see how HD this looks
the show never looks this looks like a
fucking there’s a point where it’s like
yeah there’s the corrupt business guy
and she’s like I’m just look at that his
sister and she helps her get all pretty
she’s hot – my dad asked that yo he
wants you just did essa and looking at
like this or like HD see you like dude
what the fuck
the show never this def doesn’t this
look like a it totally does this is
that’s what I’m saying she’s like has
that are just a dog Latinas I think did
you know fellas get
pornographic like there’s a playground
that shit this is reality kings but the
see digital plays oh yeah this guy he’s
a high schooler these are high schoolers
no these are high school graduates at
the start the series they’re high school
graduates that no bro I will be real I
did you know I guess that works
but telenovelas are this thing where the
intros they put like six figures on the
intro and then the rest of the series in
240p but and it’s so over dramatically
you know those shot with a red camera
and then they have it like in the scene
where it’s out but it’s in there stupid
shit like one guy the roof caved in and
fell on him and he shows up later
because he’s like the evil guy and he
just had like a little cuddle I said and
he like carry that like good like I’m
right I was trying to point it out and
my ideas were watching it and they’re
just like shut the fuck up
it’s a finale most likely has internal
bleeding he’s probably gonna die I’m
just saying
my grandma even got bad what you want to
see hot girls there’s some where it’s
like like even the news ladies on land
news dog like they’re just saying the
weather and they have like the tightest
fucking dresses ever respond I love it
respect to them speaking of
seeing nipples through this shirt did
you see two Final Fantasy seven things
from beat three and this is not a segue
yo T I’m just saying the whole thing
along I’m excited for yes
Final Fantasy wise yes three what’s
called we make a remaster remaster like
the emergence of Tiffa doujins that’s
all along gabion look out know you’re
here on all your D Munga sites you gotta
be on the lookout for that shit okay I’m
still just plenty bids become round
material through the tank top it’s
nothing to make it her thighs now yeah
little skulls on their skirt they make
her face look less Asian than Advent
Children I’m just being real yeah I’m
with it
I’m not against it I’m kind of like here
without my eyes are dope oh yeah I kind
of like here without the thighs you ever
combat boots carved a yeah scary combat
boots booty shorts and a tank top that’s
they really trying to like bring this
shit up to be like yo see if you’ve ever
played FOP a c7 I played all of it
exactly the beginning like everybody at
least played some of it enough do I beat
suffre I
cuz I kept getting stuck on some shit
and I finally beat him and then ps3 came
out with it and I beat it again and
there’s some shit that you look back at
it like yo already gonna remake
everything like Shawn yeah they have
some games where you’re a cloud and you
have to go into like this brother or
something for something oh yeah and you
have to dress as a girl and one of the
dudes a straight up hitting on him and
saying some weird agree to shit like
there’s a lot of goofy shit in there but
the game looks great looks amazing
and that’s the thing but there’s a lot
of people weren’t you excited I’m like
bro is he like multiple games yeah
they’re gonna make the game but isn’t
the first batch of CDs gonna be like
three CDs they’re not gonna do mother
will see these in one pack you’re gonna
to buy each one I think separately oh
nine discs yeah no three I thought I
thought it was gonna be like like the
original well good you know but it’s
gonna be real on two more discs they’re
gonna say I think they’re gonna split it
up from what garlis not the e3 thing if
they’re gonna split it up and then gonna
charge each one is like a separate game
which I’m not excited for but whatever I
love this series and I’m done and I’ve
been waiting so long but here’s the
thing I’ve been talking about it I saw
what happened to found fantasy did you
hear about 15 it was supposed to be
Final Fantasy 13 versus and it got held
back so long it was like 10 years people
ringing a decade for that game so when
we blow someone with was the one after
lightning that was fond fantasy 13
versus and then after that was so 14 was
with the dudes in the car and everything
so was 11 and then 12 was something else
and that was 30 I think I’m pretty sure
let me was in 13 let me see the
lightning was a 32 but the pharmacy with
all the dudes in the car yes 50 well
that was fast the latest what’s 14 14 s
on the line one it’s like 11 was online
and do you know there’s still people who
play I didn’t know
I didn’t know about 14 there’s people
who played five fancy eleven online
still 14 was they did like they released
it mmm I got so much bad review they
redid it it’s been gained so many good
reviews now phone CAHSEE 13 had
lightning then they had 13 part two
other than 10 then they had that like
conifer r1 and then they were gonna do
13 verses which was the guy from the
people from 15 okay it got held back for
a decade so when people are telling me
you should get excited bro you yo-yo
they just showed the fall Fantasy 7
remake cuz okay so the story for this
one is they had another studio that was
like oh we’ll have you make it and I
guess whatever they saw was either not
good enough or just total shit that they
were like fuck you we’re dropping you
are we doing it it’s all us now so now
this was their first and they had way
more than I thought they were gonna have
I don’t think they’re gonna have
anything I’m pretty sure they’ve built
out like some segments just to show but
the battle system looks great yeah I was
like action Kingdom Hearts style shit
with like RPG elements but there’s only
determination yeah oh well that’s why it
like this one like you have this cool
like battleship but then it’ll go to
like they’ll stop you know like at the
height moment they’ll like bring up the
turn-based kind of shit but and I you
know they haven’t showed it entirely
fleshed out they just showed like parts
of it I don’t know how it’s gonna be but
it looks great but and they said March
2020 but don’t blame me because if I go
oh yeah like so many people are like you
should be excited to have a date dog
like to have a date for Durden they had
a date before 13 versus and it took a
decade to get 15 its get the whole
generation another game itself so I’m
not excited until baby legit it’s like
coming through and it’s like okay they
haven’t pushed it back and it’s coming
out tomorrow
great that’s I know it sounds sad but
they’ve done this so many times they
even had like a little thing March comes
huh tomorrow yeah likely give it Sarge
yeah if it’s March the day before it
comes out and they still haven’t
announced the push back
I’ll be okay now I’m excited
but yo dog like I’m excited for this cuz
it looks so great I don’t know if you
haven’t seen it it’s they easy it looks
I think some of it like look not the
biggest fan oh yeah but if you’ve never
played fall face e7 this might be a good
chance to go I can only played 7/10 but
I haven’t played also Oh dad like the
two biggest ones everybody played you
ten was pretty easy one to go through
then they remade it recently to like I
just I’m just excited to see all the
summons that they keep all them hmm
because seven had a lot of songs it had
like four different behemoths and like
nights at around which is like a 10
minute animation oh yeah I can’t wait
for that 15 was great
I like 15 I didn’t finish entirely
because I just had other games that came
out and I was like might as well just
stop this right now
but they said March 20 2008 on that I am
NOT hopeful that they’re gonna keep that
because I feel like they’ve been pushed
back so many times and this is a game
that you can’t fuck around with this is
like the one of the most beloved PSone
classics of all time not just found
fancy games but of all time like when we
got a ps2 we got Pete we got that game I
think if I never had a ps1 we had a ps2
if they just like we released our fuzzy
7 OD Nick I already did that was a joke
originally they said okay guys we got us
four five fancy seven here it is yeah
and it was the original game just so you
could play on ps4 and people were pissed
they’re like we but every good no it’s
still a good game it’s the whole time I
like it be cool with like you bought it
and then if you bought it you get like
early access or something I wish they
could do that again but they’re they
probably aren’t gonna do
now that seems like a waste actually
we’re gonna buy this this re-mastered
game essentially when he showed they
showed us a fraud scene I’m like yo fuck
yeah yo the biggest villain he’s
transcended from fancy to Kingdom Hearts
he’s like the biggest villain of all the
series next to kefka cuz calf actually
succeeded and you have to refer it all
that stuff yeah I played a lot like I
even played the remakes like for I’m
pissing for great so depressing it’s so
great it’s the one where you see a
villain and you find out halfway through
the game oh he actually wasn’t the
villain he was trying to stop us from a
bigger villain golbez so great stuff
yeah but uh and we played the Super
Nintendo ones but anyways I’m excited
there’s a few other things from e3 to he
3 was kind of disappointing this year it
was a lot of CD trailers with no actual
gameplay it was a lot of frankerz lot of
reveals it was really it wasn’t actual
like games a lot of games already except
for Nintendo Nintendo showed a lot yeah
a lot of games with you about some games
that were kind of hyped for but you
weren’t really surprised that there were
oh yeah like EA didn’t show anything new
we knew about that Star Wars game they
showed it it looks alright but they
didn’t really it does look very old
republic desk oh yeah but we’ll see when
it comes out it to me the sort of the
biggest delays like Oh a lot of people
like to go Toria they were like yo well
I guess if you count the Force Unleashed
out pretty dope it was cool a lot of
people didn’t like it
it was a long it wasn’t good I played I
think the first one and that was it was
one and it was alright I liked it a lot
I liked how it but then this one me
personally the saber combat looked real
so we’ll see until we actually get my
hands on it because I’ll probably play a
demo or something before I bite but it’s
not a respawn the people may die in fall
an apex legend and I like them a lot but
we’ll see this is their third person
it’s a third person Star Wars game I was
just gonna watch I wasn’t impressed with
the trailer that’s but I was still like
the big games from the Microsoft one
halo-halo years
yeah infinite gears five five
I saw that the new projects Scarlet
Witch is the next gen in the ex cloud
from a class system in Google stadia was
plugged route a lot of this 83 it’s this
whole thing I forgot it so it’s like a
Google cloud gaming service and you have
a controller and stuff it’s like
available in Google stadia play on all
platforms and they were plugging it and
everybody was like yeah well fuck you we
got our own yeah
Microsoft X cloud I’m like that’s so
unoriginal hey you be something guess
we’re on stadia but we have our own new
resolve as only the you cloud lets you
go Sony fuck out here we weren’t at e3
we’ll see you later
that’s cloud square-enix did their own
thing but the devolver digital was great
again do what you say square penis
squeenix square penis
I know square penis stop it’s not
scrappiness respect all squares name
why do you want so my name is a ruby
what but yo so yeah III was errors kind
of let them it was just my I was really
wanting to watch a lot of the shit yeah
like I suspect much I saw all through
once I’m not those people who watched it
like 20 times to break down every fuckin
but des des was embarrassing except for
a few things
Bethesda they had to pay the audience
they probably and then they had a camp
when they announced about 76 and then
they’re like oh guess what you have a
battle royale
but no don’t worry they did not lose
their shit at Commander Keen I never
played it but I always heard things
about it it was like a license that a
lot of people love and guess what do you
do to a license that people love listen
you make a mobile version of it that has
nothing to do with the actual license
what you guys would have phones
cuz it can be available a PC nah dog
before was being worked on but y’all
didn’t react how we wanted so fuck off
we didn’t do that shit we just did a
little shadow reveal you ain’t shit
hit the wall oh it’s only gonna be
available iOS and dos assembly language
bitch you ain’t shit you need a floppy
drive to play this shit oh wait you
don’t I’ll be give you as he was Beast
no but there was some things they were
all right but they were all CG trailers
so you can’t really tell they have an
adventure game for Square Enix that a
lot of people are debating whether or
not just whether or not it was CG stuff
I may look fine it looked cool and if it
was real gameplay I can’t wait yeah it
almost reminds me of like an older
Square Enix game I can’t think of the
name of we’re just kind of like it’s
kind of like their version the QuickTime
I can’t think of it
speaking of QuickTime events and stuff
at Square Enix life is strange too so if
you like that don’t watch this trailer
it’s so stupid they show love spoilers
apparently I mean watched I played the
first ones I had played part of the
first one I think the first episode cuz
they released it yeah but I never
actually like I was never really into it
it was a lot of fan animations from I’ve
also seen a lot of about life is strange
and yeah I guess you’d say life is
life is 34 no no dog got a big cult
following and you could tell like a lot
a big cult following a real dedicated to
the real models called fuck why is the D
and dedicated catalyst because they even
made better models that’s the actual
I’ll even know the story other than this
girl has the ability to like change go
back in time or do Sheila it’s like a
butterfly effect you just go back to a
point and do something different and it
causes there so it’s like resume yeah
but it also has like complex characters
in it and a blue haired girl so every
emo kid playing this is like yo put some
respect yo can you make this game a one
hand gamer game because I need the other
hand for some title and click for my but
yeah he threw the big disappointment a
lot I went to self checkout and thing
cost over twenty dollars I looked up my
wallet I only had one twenty dollar bill
I looked for my credit card I must have
loved him my car I looked at the line
the line is growing bigger Emmet jokes
dead alright now I was having with
another dead horse
but yeah Nintendo had good stuff done
Nintendo was just yo yes yes dad
more what
why can’t mom yeah but I’m doing
oh this is going great
why can’t we do this your house yeah me
my J sleeps during the day yeah what
honest look at I get a room somewhere
and you have to be I mean we don’t need
the internet we really don’t
why are we talking about this we can
talk about this later anyways this is a
nice mic I’m actually a ventriloquist
what people I’m right
Nintendo kind of saved it but it wasn’t
banja kazoo
yeah fuck III zoo trash yeah it was like
people are Hydra up into kazoo I don’t
know there may be one good Benjy kazoo
game I worst one I don’t the second one
was I but it wasn’t like I never played
a pinch because their game you know who
they really need and smash
Spyro but he was a Sony licensed
character well to be honest my fancy 7
was and they have cloud I mean they have
well the first Metal Gear game was in
I’m gonna be cool a spiral isn’t it but
you’re probably good it’d be cool of a
lot of characters like with Metal Gear
Hideo Kojima was like yo Smash Bros when
you want it let me know we sent out a
massive email to everybody he was a a it
was actor
I’m good boy you can have one other
video game character first yeah what’s
I’ll give you three of any video game
characters who would you want to be in
smash charger my top life Luke no she’s
not come on to the next one okay um I
also try to look at like what’s coming
out because another thing is like no
personal game yeah well there we have
language is that affair Nintendo
no I’m tragic I could see doom guy in it
because they released do him for the
switch and I could see him fucking
people up just not every time he’s in
there just having mental there’s nothing
as you’re playing the whole time yeah
I’m just trying to think because like
what if there was like and I get anime
Super Smash Brothers they don’t have
that they had a jump Force One or not
jump like I should I jump one national
appeal like imagine like versus other
badass people versus I feel like there
needs to be like a battle real game
which just has people from all pop
culture everything subjective Pikachu
versus Ryan Reynolds so that’s several
verses cool yeah I don’t think we
Deadpool window yeah it’s a frothing
shit that your brain would destroy
several saffron forget take my Pikachu
straight up straight he’d beer and
trained by all the bubbles arse from the
detective beat you movie okay rook quick
okay I’m a heated argument going on
wha-hey who is the best tiger from gen 1
hell yeah thank you know so all these
pups always fucking leave all these
fucking plebs think that Charmander is
best oh he’s doing the books for red
know why because they because they’d
like fire types that’s the only reason
why if you take into account the special
defense and defense a bubble sort
I’m not even notice I’m not talking
about stats so the stats to come into
play that on my argument what was or is
the best yeah Bob’s or is legit most it
design contribute come on this is not
even a contrarian argument where you’re
like oh he wasn’t on either of them he
was on leaf he was on a green version in
Japan so fuck that argument okay it’s
just he’s the fucking best I could give
two possible Colonel looking
motherfucker or some fucking these damn
fyrelizard looking motherfucker you
don’t give me all done yeah you don’t
need no wings to Hirai you don’t need on
the ring you don’t need to bring the
heat take care of his enemies by enemies
Bob’s or it is the most not to say that
I don’t like bulbs but he’s very
what does for money to do start a fire
huh burnished shit huh that fire goes
out he’s dead that’s fuckin specialist
fuck he could die in the rain officer
thrives in it yeah but Bob Lazar could
do razor leavin fuck his ass up fuck up
those vines go everything’s with his
bodies he’s the only Pokemon that could
be in a tentacle rape okay the only
started they could be a consensual
consensual tent essentially a tentacle
whatever everyone on t-shirt consensual
tentacle slash consensual
tential shop
but yeah
Boas work and learn oh he’s the best if
you ask them a Boas work you pass me a
beer buying a weapon to the fridge open
up bring back and he will chug a beer
with you yeah you could chug – because
he has that plant that also throws on
beers you were in the desert he can
literally give you a seat he’d gather
energy from the Sun what can char as I
do well is what does try man you’re
gonna do well oh we’re a desert we’re
gonna desert doesn’t make shit more hot
it doesn’t make any sense
well sunny day puts up fire attacks yeah
it would be strong but how about gonna
Plus yes out here policías the big
weirdo pull me off and steamed up fuckin
skin off okay well how do you got em
show fucking introverted bitch fuck
Nessie the only other star today comes
close to it froakie
I love froakie I love that frog ninja he
is so cool he has little bubbles he has
little turtle eggs butter Turtwig is
great I used to love talk to her
what’s one starter you hate I would have
to say one stars I hate is the water new
one the one who turns on mermaid how the
fuck is that gonna be a dude okay
another one I don’t like the Fox psychic
one Finnegan I just don’t know why I
just don’t like her whatever but that’s
a personal thing I would have to say
Chikorita is bullshit everybody tries a
defender know everybody tried to defend
her focus big but gain iam doesn’t do
shit no okay whatever fine what’s away
talking shit about you really
I had a guidebook
had a guidebook and it said she can
learn fly she can’t fly so fuckin
grass-type get your hopes up for our
stupid decision and even then that’s I
had seen her be with her her special
attacks all right as bad best she’s like
it’s like a grass type that doesn’t know
what it wants to be good at like I’m
talking about stats wise and I got that
thing when I first played no no no fuck
that I’m gonna put money you wanted to
have as I steal companions few no come
on starter spheal he looks like a little
pug fucking spheal I know you would he
would ice beam you fuck off yeah he’s so
cute you look like a water balloon about
to pop yeah that’s why he’s so cute
no okay but for real started for one day
I would love the most
Bulbasaur I love froakie but bob was
like my first love no bubble source doe
chikorita can eat a dick some democracy
does she can get this low hanging fruit
even yo I’m just saying if they’re if
you only put a gun to your head and said
choose the Pokemon to do stuff with give
me three popcorn now pick lopunny
no crimes other people talk there’s this
wolf fandom for Gardevoir that’s that
second one yeah everybody there’s this
whole thing for – Nicki Minaj no king at
the no in fact be giving you a group
you’re even limited the need oh no dude
no we’re gonna go on this Nestea that’s
a gray area though how’s it agree please
explain to me how it’s a greater because
they’re not real okay okay you may have
still been a nice give it to long-on
like see dude there’s so much sonic shit
out there – I’m glad but it’s not real
it’s not real no but even so – great
look it’s okay it’s a real gray area
that I don’t want to give up even more
cuz there’s a voiceover people fans of
war and Sonic kind of mold together
donar it’s also don’t use for like you
would a man forever yes okay I thought I
knew what it meant then you educate
aminos it okay well I should do it okay
you know what Orr’s disgusting which one
is the one where they get stuck in their
stomach and they’re all like it’s hot
because they’re in their stomach that’s
four okay good cuz I remember when I
I thought war was love or you were think
you were switching goro and war
yeah I was but I wasn’t a tumblr kid who
was like all the time on tumblr f AG or
deviantART kid okay I had a DV now and I
posted some stuff but I wasn’t as kid to
like would browse around for days and
making OC man hours not days hours no
days there’s kids who browse for hours
for enough for days I know there were
kids damn
there were telling me Sonic shit and I
don’t know what their obsession is with
what’s under the shoes there’s so many
foot things for the sonic Oh a lot of
sonic and Shadow – Hedgehog
that was like a big old shipping war
that like unanimous I think Amy the
words called she was a hedgehog was she
I don’t know what she was she was some
bitch with a fucking hammer that was
getting it’s all about that funny girl
and no the bad girl
that’s it was no with the bad girl Ruby
no no what was her name
rogue I thought it was Rogue rogue the
bat the bat when did she appear
something adventure yeah yes she was
like the one with boobs and shit then oh
and there’s some you know they were like
fuck off
see but yeah this – oh my god there’s so
many Oh see sonic ones that were like
this is a look look at this edges
looking shadow the hedgehog
it’s a Chad the Hedgehog he listened his
favorite bands are Evanescence Linkin
Park Breaking Benjamin he brings
acoustic guitar as the party’s he
doesn’t get invited to
it plays wonder wild by oasis his father
thinks he’s gay but he’s really not he
just acts kind of weird and his mother
is the only one who loved him who died
years ago when I see don’t steal ran
away from home because her parents died
now she lives with her aunt beats her
because her uncle thinks she’s more
attractive to run away the basic live
with us my husband thinks you’re more
attractive than I am like there’s some
stuff where you’re like okay I see a
bunch of virtuous signaling especially
with some of them where you’re like and
each one all they’re all Evanescence
fans yeah
like they’re all evidence they really
just want all their favorite song is
either crawling or bring me to life like
they’re crawling in their own skin fears
of a I did not like a lot of those Oh
Sees I did not like C or it wasn’t like
the Pokemon one where they combined
sprites and we’re like super cool and
stuff yeah it wasn’t like that where
they had original creativity ideas
it was just let me make the most as
ledge Lord fuck in its sonic with
clothing and make them because my
favorite colors purple let’s make them
purple with yellow highlights and he has
fingerless gloves with spikes on it and
he always has headphones over his neck
you never put them on I guess it’s like
King no but then there was like there’s
still people on there yeah there’s still
people still close OC shit yeah
what yes
I’m trying to do something and everybody
keeps interrupting me what Shawn okay
she’s going this door oh my god
okay told me not to say Anna had to know
what are you doing on Wikipedia this is
the same when it’s been there it was too
here’s a thing to those dudes who’s like
tell me the spoilers and someone says no
you should watch it and you’re like a
who’s like I’m just gonna spoil it
myself and make my own opinion without
watching it and seeing the execution and
experiencing it how the movie wanted me
to experience it yeah you can eat a dick
and die why do they have to die though
fine you can just eat a dick I don’t
care why do they have that you did fine
no I understand you can wear wet snow
happy for the rest of your life dick you
can’t wear wool for you the dick look
damn won’t eat that you can you can wear
perpetually wet socks for the rest of
your fucking life well without shoes
let’s fix that phrase okay
how would you eat a dick that you don’t
eat you don’t owe I’m wondering but to
that it’s Redemption serial killer
documentaries and I saw like a Jeffrey
Dahmer like interview and he explains
cooking stuff Oh JD
I was like yo yeah Ed Gein he didn’t eat
people I don’t think but he kept all
their parts he’s a number two Jane who
he made furniture out of shit did he’s
the reason that Texas Chainsaw Massacre
exists well they did the battery acid
thing I just been watching a bunch a guy
like going Ted Ted boom he was he was
crazy he was charismatic it was kind of
he could have been like something even
the judge was like oh you’re a great
lawyer I would have loved to see you
you’re like you were like you like you
like my sister was watching it and she
was like I’m not saying this because you
know I mean it’s kind of messed up what
he did well he was kind of hot I think
oh my god like that’s what and then
there was a lot of girls in the
courtroom apparently mm-hmm then there
was a movie with Zac Efron played him
like yo that girl from plays you what
the fuck yeah
how much dick did you swing when you
weren’t beating the living hell out of
those girl first beat the pussy fuck
that sometimes not in that order
dude it was so one of them was this guy
was like ex-army or something it was
like I don’t know how to explain it he
was just talking about how he would act
like a lot of girls would say I don’t
know he just looked real helpless and
stuff and I didn’t know behind my back
that he was out there like cutting
bitches up and I’m like and like one
girl was like I just thought he was
cheating on me but he was so cute I
couldn’t like break up with him okay
well technically he was with a dead body
but you’re like dude somebody’s dude
like had that shit down I already asked
this question but if if a girl dies on
you mid intercourse do you finish I’m
well how do you know like did like as
you’re doing it’s like there’s no like
like she’s dead
like late at intercourse like you’re
doing it and all of a sudden you’re like
babe no pulse you put your finger like
what you’re saying me she’s dead
personally I don’t know what she would
have wanted so I probably would get out
but if I’m being for if she says right
before if I die during intercourse you
better here’s the thing gonna call
anyone so here it is here it is I’m
thinking more for myself where if the
cops come and say so you just can’t read
it either thing for me
realistically I put would stop because I
don’t want to do something the cops are
like well why do you why’d you finish
did she look me I’m just like no no no I
just told him you she died them so you
tell them straight up like okay you have
it you’re a cop you roll up to the scene
yeah you see you like Shawn in a robe or
whatever you wear after you’re gonna get
food whatever that’s what I’m saying
okay you caught a police thing you get
dressed me pretty good no no what I’m
saying is that this isn’t this is more
for you
it doesn’t matter one you call the
police this isn’t you either you call
right when she dies or you finish and
then he call it please what if you call
while you’re finished and yeah no I was
your brute see now she did what’s that
sound don’t worry about it just sir just
kill me here
shit I hate myself later what’s your
address I wonder if that happened cuz
I’ve heard III read an article where
some girl was like she was like a young
girl and the guy was like 80 or
something I can’t believe you
but it’s like I guess she was dating him
cuz you know sugar daddy and he died of
a heart attack during I don’t know where
this is I assume it’s like in somewhere
big in Miami or like LA or something but
and like the cops didn’t charge her
because they were like you know there’s
no way
and then like what if it’s the reverse
with an old lady and it’s like no I
can’t imagine no it’s more like like I’m
gonna really do if I’m really trying to
think about it it would depend okay
no we’re not getting into I can’t do
tours like well what if it was dis
realistically I brought a pataga
I don’t want to get caught up in some
shit where think yo man why don’t you
keep going look dawg I’m Tommy I I don’t
I don’t stop yeah exactly like I knew
she was dead I just thought she was like
she fell asleep again or something okay
you put these cuz there’s been so many
people who think it’s weird that if
you’re doing it with a girl and she
falls asleep during like that that’s
if you keep going or something it can be
I guess but like watch a pledge thing we
were both drunk and she’s like bitch
this ain’t good I mean she’s still
fellas know I miss dates right now we
were both really drunk and that’s you
know and I stopped because I was like
yeah that would be weird
yeah it’s a little weird like it wasn’t
like she snored or something it’s just
like she was me and now I’m door thing
like it’s like shaking her and you’re
like oh shit I told her I was dating her
at the time so it was like and then like
she brought it up at there we broke up
she was like oh you know we still
started I don’t know there’s people like
if you break up you still see them after
a little bit just cuz you’re used to
having someone to just do it with and
it’s like she would talk about like
remember that one time she look like
laughing about it I’m like what we’re
now what time I fell asleep and you told
me how you realized a like how long I’m
like fuckin no it was so weird
that’s why it was weird you’re like
there and she even was like moving with
you and no really like okay i’ma go a
bathroom like no I think it was weird
she’s like and then she tells me she
admitted that day like oh well sometimes
when you’re asleep I like take advantage
of you like what do you think yeah one
time like I don’t remember that she’s
just shivered and then like she
literally told me like I was just making
and she would tell me stuff and I was
like mumbling stuff to her I’m like oh
yeah where you’re mumbling and did what
you said alright GG fun

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