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#breadomelettesandwich How To Make Bread Omlette | Bread Omelette Street Food బ్రెడ్ ఆమ్లెట్ తయారీ

Bread Omelette Is The Ever Best Healthiest Recipe Which Can Be Served As Snack Or Breakfast. Bread Omelette is very Soft & Fluffy.

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The Following is the one more combination recipe with Egg and Bread
Egg Sandwich

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Bread Omelette
Eggs 5
Onions ¼ Cup
Tomatoes ¼ cup
Green chilies 5
Butter 2 Tbsp per one Bread Omelette
Bread Slices 4
Milk 1 Tbspn
Salt as per Taste
Red Chilly Powder 1 Tspn
Cumin Seeds 1 Tspn
Mixing Procedure
Take a Big Bowl and add ¼ Cup of Onions, finely chopped 5 Green Chillies, ¼ Cup of Tomatoes, some Finely chopped Cilantro and add Salt as per Taste, 1 Tspn of Red Chilly Powder and 1 Tspn of Cumin Seeds, and mix well of the ingredients and now add 1 Tbspn of Milk. And Mix well. Now Crack 5 Eggs into it and mix very well until the eggs are foamy and fluffy.
Toasting Procedure
Take a Pan and add 1 Tbspn of Butter and let it melt and Take a bread slice and Toast Slightly on both the sides and keep it aside. Now on the same add one more Tbspn of Butter and let it come to melt and add some of the egg mixtures and now take a toasted bread slice and dip the bread slice in the moisture area on both the sides and keep on the omelet. Now let it cook for a couple of minutes on medium heat and then fold all the four sides of the edges and turn it to the other side and let it cook for 1 minute and Take it and cut in diagonally.
Now it is ready to serve. It can be served as a breakfast Snack with Tomato sauce.

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