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Bread with nuts with Biga ☆ This Recipe Turn Out

Delicious recipe of bread with nuts with Biga. It consists of two types of wheat flour: Bread Flour and whole grain flour. This combination gives the bread a special, rich taste. And I was even more impressed by its aroma! Therefore, I recommend everyone to cook this delicious bread!

☆How to make wheat bread on Biga? How many nuts to add to wheat bread? What is the most delicious wheat bread recipe? How to make a sourdough Biga? How to knead the dough on wheat bread? How to form a hearth wheat bread? How much time to rasstavat warm wheat bread the big? How long does it take to bake wheat bread?

The answers to these questions can be found in my video: “Bread with nuts with Biga ☆ This Recipe Turn Out”

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sourdough BIGA:
42 grams of Bread Flour;
42 grams of whole grain flour;
52 grams of water;
0.1 grams of of dry yeast (fast-acting, instant. Or 0.3 g of fresh yeast).

For the dough:
sourdough Biga;
225 grams of Bread Flour;
25 grams of whole grain flour;
190 grams of of water;
7 grams of salt;
1 grams of dry yeast (fast-acting, instant. Or 3 grams of fresh yeast);
90 grams of walnuts.

This wheat bread I’ve been baking a Wholemeal Sourdough. In this case, for the preparation of sourdough will need 42 g of Bread Flour + 42 g whole grain flour + 52 g of water + 10 g of wheat starter 100% humidity. Leave the brew for 10-12 hours at +22C.

The rest of the ingredients in the recipe remain unchanged, only dry yeast is excluded. At the same time, please note that all processes will take longer! Fermentation time – about 2.5-3 hours at + 24C, proofing – about 2-2. 5 hours. But this time can be adjusted, depending on your conditions.


Cook bread always in a good mood, and you will definitely succeed!

If you have any questions – write in the comments. I wish you luck!

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