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Bread Pizza Sandwich Recipe | 2 minute cheese recipe | How to make cheese pizza sandwich at home

Today, we will learn how to make pizza sandwich which can be made in just 2-3 minutes .It can be made anywhere and at anytime and tastes exactly the same like cheese burst pizza does. Your kids will love this pizza cheese sandwich recipe.

Best part is you can also give these pizza cheese sandwiches to kids in tiffin box unlike pizzas, because we have used brown bread for this. So do try this cheesy recipe at home, surely you will love it. #mummykatadka

Here are the ingredients you will require to make bread pizza cheese sandwich:-

Since we are making cheese burst pizza sandwich, the list of ingredients would be:

1. Cheddar cheese
2. Brown bread
3. Pizza sauce/tomato sauce
4. Mozzarella cheese
5. Cheese blocks
6. Oregano herb
7. Chilly flakes

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