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Best Banana Bread Recipe Ever! (Easy) ✨| Bake With Me + Baking Tips💕 | Baking for My Boyfriend 😍

Showing You Guys How I Make My Banana Bread! My Boyfriend is Obsessed! I hope you Guys Enjoy This Video & Try Out This Recipe!

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Video Transcription

turn that down comment below if you guyscould hear call of duty in thebackground so today’s video I’m gonna beshowing you guys how I made my homemade10 you guys hear call of duty in thebackground now you’re trying to turn itdown anyways hey you guys welcome backto my channel so today’s video I’m gonnabe showing you guys how I make myhomemade banana bread it’s like theperfect the best ever best ever bananabread you don’t taste the old life and Imake it completely from scratch I’m issuper easy super inexpensive to make soyou know I didn’t use a banana bird padoh my gosh it smells so good I just wantto take a bite of it if you guys want tosee how I make this banana bread fromscratch stay tuned so today we’re gonnabe doing a cooking it’s actually bakingwith Ashley with Shelley’s cooking withAshley baking with Ashley baking withShelley’s daughter cooking withShelley’s are well this is technically abaking videos yeah my man he reallyloves my banana bread so I’m gonna sharethat recipe with you guys if you guysare new to my channel make sure yousubscribe and turn on the notificationso you guys we notified every time Iupload a new video and um[Music]so I couldn’t really figure out whatwould be the best setup to show you guyswhat I’m doing because I don’t have thefirst thing that I do because you youhave dry ingredients and waiting groupthe dry ingredients in this bowl mybrother he got me a set of Pyrex bowlsas an early Christmas gift because thelast time I was on FaceTime with him Iwas using a pot to mix up my and grittybecause I don’t have a lot of bowlsoh he surprised me with a set of Pyrexbowls he asked me for my address andthen all of a sudden I checked outside acouple days later and there was a set ofPyrex bowls outside so if I mix up theUM the wet ingredients first the recipehas three ripe bananas summons havingthese bananas sitting in my cabinet fora minute so they can get nice and ripeand brown so it’s three bananas actuallyI need a bigger bowl so that was my ovenit’s just finished preheating I put iton 325 and it’s 5:55 best synchronicityis meant for me to do this video rightnow already wash my hands I’m gonna justopen up the bananas and put them in hereI made it bucketsmy first type of cooking baking whateveryou want to call it videos so I didn’tknow what the best angle to do this thatwould be okay it’s still going to begood they smell really sweet looksalmost like apple sauce and then a cupof brown sugar instead of using regularwhite sugar like most people do wheneverthey make banana bread I like to usebrown sugar actually you know what I’mgonna do two things I’m gonna I don’treally plan the video so I’m gonna scoopout 1/4 of a cup of margarine and meltedyou can use butter but I’ve just beenusing margarine it works and it comesout really good making sure I fully likefold it up all the way and kind offlatten it out so that’s exactly afourth of a cup and then I’ll just placethis inside of a bowl 30 seconds or soand I’ve made this with um with darkbrown sugar before too and I feel likewhenever I use the dark brown sugar it’sa banana bread comes out a little bitdarker but I’ve made it with the lightbrown sugar too and it comes out just asgood so this goes into the wet mixtureas welland try not to make a mess okay nowthat’s a fork up that’s a lot of sugarokay so don’t be like my min and eat allthis in one night he pretty much eatsall this banana bread in like a day ortwo it’s ridiculousI don’t even get a chance to reallyenjoy it dang it so it’s melted put thatin there as well so so far it’s threebananas 1/4 of a cup of melted margarine1 cup of brown sugar and then I’m gonnaput the 1 large egg and this is all theingredients so far this is for my wetmixture I thought I had got a piece ofegg in there but that’s just the butterthat wasn’t melted that I just put inthere and then I have my whisk I’m justgonna whisk it all together you try tobring it closer without making a mess soit looks a little crazy when you’redoing it but it comes out so goodcomment below if you guys like bananabread I’m assuming if you guys arewatching this video or you search forthis video and found me it’s because youactually like banana bread I really likebanana bread but I don’t love it as muchas my boyfriend does this is hisfavorite snack dessert anything likethat he just loves banana bread he getsso excited every time I make it therewas one time I made it and he didn’tcome out that good he was kind ofdisappointed but he still ate it anywaysand the reason why I didn’t come outgood is because he get out the kitchenmy dog just came in the kitchen it’sbecause he was rushing me to make it andI told him the bananas weren’t ready buthe wanted it anyways but I knew better Imade it for him just because I don’twant to hear his mouth and then itwasn’t as sweet that’s pretty much whathappensif you make if you do it too early it’snot as sweet and then it’s not as moistbecause of the more ripe the bananas arethe more moist the mixture comes out sothat’s what it looks like all mixed upit looks nastybut smells so goodall right now for the dry mixture andI’m not super fancy I don’t sift it oranythingteaspoon of salt and then also ateaspoon of baking soda baking soda thisone not baking powder baking sodateaspoon of baking soda a teaspoon ofsalt cumin half a flower that’s for thedry mixture and then if I had vanilla Iwould put a little bit of vanilla in thewet mixture but I don’t have vanilla andthen a little bit of cinnamonI don’t really measure this I just Ilove cinnamon so when I put too much myboyfriend complains I’m just mixing thattogether boom and then I’m gonna whiskthat together as well I mean also it’soptional you could add on walnutsI haven’t actually made it with walnutsyet but I love banana bread with walnutsin it if you are gonna use walnuts youkind of eyeball them that you’re gonnaput in it but toss the walnuts in alittle bit of flour that’s a trick thatmy mom taught me whenever you’re bakingand you want to add some sort of fruitor nut or chocolate chips or somethinginto like a cake or anything like thatyou toss it in Laur so it doesn’t sinkto the bottom of the mixnow you just mix it together until it’snice and smoothI’m trying to make a mess but to showyou guys so so little clumpy but theflour and everything is all smooth outthe clumps are are from the chunks ofbanana right I don’t use a regularstandard banana loaf bread so that’sanother difference to instead of meusing banana bread loaf the same thingyou would cook like a meat loaf in I usethis round pin I still slice it like abanana bread but make it in this alittle bit so it’s a lot but I just putit on top of a paper towel like that Ijust grab this fresh piece of papertowel and this is what my mom used tohave me butter pans whenever she wasbaking for the holidays so just have meuse the butter or the oil on a napkinand just rub it in like this because itgets all the corners really easily youcan use cooking spray too I don’t reallyknow if I have cooking spray but I’mjust so used to doing it this way thisis just how I do it and this is anonstick pan too so I don’t have toworry about it sticking too much butbutter your people all right wish youguys could smell thispull it back somewhere to make sure youguys can see it super super simpleI’m gonna set a timer for 30 minutes soif you were to bake it in a deeper dishlike the actual dish you’re supposed touse it’s like a rectangular shape andit’s a lot deeper and you would bake itfor about 45 minutes to an hour butbecause I’m using a wider flatter panI’m only gonna bake it for about 30 to35 minutes I’m gonna set my timer for 30minutes and then I’m gonna come back andcheck it after 30 minutes and stick itwith like a toothpick thingy and thenit’s ready I’m gonna take it out if notI’m gonna set it for another fiveminutesa few minutes later so now we go checkto see if it’s already spend 30 minuteshe’s stabbing with a skewer okay it’sclean so we gonna take it out got myoven mitt I’m gonna just set it up hereon top of the stove and let it cool downfor a bit yeah I made a big old gash init ouchI stab myself with this skewer I mighthave broke it yeah I broke it[Music]you have indeed looks whispering he’slike what is that sound[Music]cool down because I love selling thebanana burn how much do you guys think Ishould sell a slice of this banana Mariefor let me know in the comment sectionbelow if I should sell it in how muchAvengermy hand is getting tired from holdingthis plate like I’m a waitress I justfilmed my outro and it did not recordfor some reason I don’t know why if youguys liked this video make sure you giveme a thumbs up if you guys are new to mychannel make sure you cut the subscribebutton turn on those notifications soyou guys could be notified every singletime I upload a new video don’t forgetto shot my lip glosses down below if youguys are new to my channel I sell lipglosses a lot of my subscribers actuallycame from my lip gloss business videoI’ll have that link down below so youguys can support your girl below if youguys have any other suggestions ofthings you guys want me to cook or bakeif you guys like this video then I willdefinitely make more videos like thisbut yeah thank you guys so so so muchfor watching I appreciate you guys Ilove you guys and I’ll see you guys inmy next video bye guysthe next day and that’s only because Imade him stop eating it today he hadlike four loaves in his hands earlierfour pieces at once in one sitting therehe goes again[Music]

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