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Baking Bread and Drying Oranges 🍊🏠Mary At Home

Hewwo and welcome to what will be a new series (Ish) on this channel! The “Mary At Home” Videos are just going to be little things that aren’t so much game related, stuff like baking, art, and little adventures. (Things with music and the intro may change, so feel free to provide feedback)

Also big thank you to Lilly A Paul for the name inspo! Great idea!

Here is the recipe I used (I def messed up the rolling stage, but everything still turned out great!) :

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During uncertain times I hope I can do my part to help support all of you, and hopefully bring you joy and entertainment. That being said, I am in full support of the BLM movement. Black Lives Matter.
From here on out it is my personal goal to use half off all video revenue on donations supporting Black Lives or other parallel movements. I only receive money from Youtube about every other month currently, but will try to maintain transparency with these donations.

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My Profile Picture and art I use in my intro is by Aloha! Sushicore please, check them out here:


If you want to see how I make my gameplay videos check out this video:

I record on a Canon PowerShot SX710 HS or a Canon EOS Rebel T3i
I edit my videos using Final Cut Pro
I make my Thumbnails using Adobe Photoshop
All the the music I use is either from Free Music Archive or is my own music which is available for free (and for you to use) here:

Original of the video here

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