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Bake That Bread Two

Supernaturalist (Chris)-
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Video Transcription

be quiet yeah shut the hell up retard
no one cares God imagine not being in
the game yet what you’re not in the game
yet I’m in the game I am here to wait
we’re in different game
Oh your versus yeah you’re right we
joined the same lobby started the game
and I got putting the different thing I
mean maybe putting a different game oh
my god oh my god I can’t see I can’t see
I’m covered in ball big fat obese Pig
yeah you grew up on this black guy what
are you racist yes oh wow
hit me
but I died I definitely did die I was
I’m definitely gone and dead I’m titling
this episode everybody hates jack
because even in stuff who ain’t no good
for the black
ah yes I got you down what are you doing
up there I don’t know what he’s doing in
there that wasn’t even you what is the
charger doing killed you thanks smoker
hold on where you I’m gonna give you a
big high five come here that was the
hole I got pulled and smacked into
eternity I I have seen death I have
looked him in the eye all right we’re
doing it again
we’re here you’re loud I am nope I don’t
think I’m supposed to be here game oh my
oh I’ve broken it that I was a charger
that had tried to put me in the vent and
I saw eternity
you were so slow walking – and he was
just like yeah I got like stuck on
we gotta go legendary in the hole why is
the respawn time five-second
Jesus Christ my mouse is stuck under a
cup of my milk
I think are you guarding the vent no the
answer is yes I needed you there Wow
well I’ve officially lost my nut sack
but other than that I’m funny to watch
comedy comedy that was almost a
legendary book and then it wasn’t and
then you missed is that a good plan Jack
that a good plan you got going really
oh no no why not
why do you say that because I’m
definitely gonna be deceased in a second
yeah that’s about right your balls
there’s so many pinning right now no no
no I got a heel beep bop Boop bop beep
boop bop beep bop Boop bop beep bop Boop
bop beep bad tank just appeared next to
me and talking
after 70 messes with a check I guess
you’ve lied to me Wow wait am I for us
of us to go that way yeah I feel like
you’re lying I’m not actually I do not
trust you as a person
Wow why are you the person you choose to
be there was a zombie on my head there
was a zombie on my head there was a
zombie directly on my head all right
just consult I’m I’m gonna go get some
more milk and I’ll be back okay talking
to myself Wow Christopher talkin to
myself I’m singing a song I’m saying
song I’m singing a song I’m singing a
song I’m singing sorry I’m gonna kill
you you’re gonna die wow you’re not even
here yo thanks for being horrible man
look at that dancin hunter
all righty Bob a pity food for powerful
people pathetic book but that’s a typo
that a bit of a V both a platypus but
but that a bit of a speed what that
better book I was so very close to death
that entire time are there two smokers
over there why is there honey did you
die that was hella lucky I like walked
in front of you you would have
completely missed or how’d I not move I
love you Chris

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