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Bake Bread with Me the Old Fashioned Way || Vintage Kitchen Basics

Happy Wednesday loves! I’d love to know: do you regularly bake bread? Have you used this recipe before? It’s one that I really love, and it turns out perfect for me every time. I’ve been thinking about starting a “vintage kitchen basics” playlist for easy and everyday recipes that every kitchen needs, so keep an eye out for more vintage recipes like this!

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Video Transcription

hello my friends and welcome back to theair effect today I wanted to share arelaxing video so I thought I wouldshare a kitchen basic from my 1950sBetty Crocker cookbook this is a recipefor white bread and it’s super easy tomake but it does take about three hoursbecause you have to wait for it to risefor this recipe you will need seven toseven and a half cups of flour 3tablespoons of sugar 1 tablespoon ofsaltfour and a half teaspoons of active dryyeast which is two packets twotablespoons of shortening and two and aquarter cups of lukewarm liquid whichcan be milk or water pour the milk intoa bowl and add your sugar yeast and saltmix until it is incorporated and thesugar and the yeast have dissolved addyour shortening then add four cups offlour to the mixture and mix with aspoon until it has been combined add thesecond half of your flour and after awhile begin to mix with your hands untilyou can pour it out onto the counter tobegin kneading your dough[Music]Nate your dough until it is elastic andsmooth and has no more spots of flour init that you can feel then put it in anoil bowl and roll the dough around inthe bowl so that it is entirely coveredwith oil set it in a warm draft-freespot covered with a damp towel for aboutone and a half hours or until it hasdoubled in size I like to turn my ovenon as soon as I’m ready to let my doughrise I turn it on to about 300 degreesjust to warm up the area once it hasdoubled in size punch it in the middleand pull the sides away from the edgesof the bowl to turn the dough completelyover and knock the air out of it thenput it in the bowl and cover it with atowel again until it has almost doubledin size about 30 to 45 minutes pour yourdough onto a counter and cut in half sothat you have two pieces of dough towork withusing your knuckles punch all of the airout of your dough and create an oblongshape then fold it in half and punch theair out of it again with your knucklesmaking sure that it is properly sealedand formed together then take the endsand slap it against the counter and tellher there’s about 15 inches long and 5inches wide fold the two ends into themiddle and knead with your knucklesuntil they are sealed into the dough besure to take your timesealing the dough properly once you areforming the loaves or you might havebread that has a spiral in the middleand breaks easily when you cut it thentaking the farthest side away from youroll it towards you 1/3 of a piece at atime until your dough is formed into aroll and roll it around on the counterso that the edges are completely sealedto seal the ends use the edges of yourhands to press down on the counter foldthem under and place it in a 9 by 5bread pan repeat with the other portionof dough[Music]then place the towel over it and let itrise until the dough has doubled in sizeabout an hour heat your oven to 425degrees bake your loaves for 25 to 30minutes mine take about 24 because ouroven runs a little hot if you wantsofter crusts that is easier to cutcover the entire crust with butterimmediately then wrap in a towel and letsit for a few minutesand you’re done that is it for thisvideo I hope that you enjoyed learninghow to make bread or just watching mebake bread I hope that you are safe andhappy and cared for during this time anduntil I see you again have a beautifulday and thank you for watching[Music]

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