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ABBIE’S BACK TO BASICS – Lets bake some bread

. Are you feeling lost?
. Confused?
. Scared?
. Are you fearful that you won’t be able to feed your family if this pandemic continues?
GREAT! Join me as I go BACK TO BASICS & cook up a favourite.

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Video Transcription

are you feeling lostconfused scared fearful right noware you worried that if this pandemiccontinuesyou won’t be able to feed your childrenif you’d answered yesgreat stay here i’m here to help if youdance no can you please forward this onto someone who you feel may say yeshi i’m abby co-founder of abby marie’salternative treatmentsand i am here to just share with yousome of my knowledgeso for those who don’t know i have twochildren withfood allergies dairy and soy is the mainallergiesthat they have and i have to be honestand i’m sure that youall may have felt this way of whenyou’re walking into the shopping centernow and you’re seeing thatmost of the shelves are empty scaryrightso i want to share with you my knowledgeandthe things that i’m doing to get back tobasics so andin that my back to basicsinvolves beer what i wanted to sharewith youis um we’re gonna make some bread sobread’s one of the mosteaten things in my house and i feel thateven if we have nothing left to eatif we have bread we’ll be pretty happyfor a little whileso if you have self-raising flouryou won’t need baking powder and youwon’t need saltokay if you don’t have self-raisingflouryou will need plain flour baking powderand salt sound goodgreat and then also what i’m going toshow you as wellis um so i will be using nuttelex whichis like a butter substitute um if youare if your family is able to eat butterand you have butteryou can use butter if you like or youcan use olive oils or any oils thatum suitable for your family shall wego ahead and make some bread[Music]get out of there[Music][Music]how was that everyone good or greatgreatso if you liked what you saw todaypleasecomment below um that you liked it alsoif you have any other ideas of thingsthat you would like me to createif i have the ingredients in my pantryor my fridge i am more than happy to trythati really like to take the normalthe normal things of that have heaps ofheaps of ingredients in themand really narrow them down to thebasicsuh if you’d like to know more about mefollow me on facebookat abbeymarie2020 or have a look on mywebsite www.abbemarie.comthanks for tuning in guys and i willhopefully chat to you all soon[Music]bye

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