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7 How to bake teff sourdough Bread (Defo Dabo)

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Video Transcription

hi welcome to your mommy look at this
kitchen we are so glad you were here
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kitchen let’s go into you today’s
special food
how to bake test sourdough bread defo
Dabo 1 cup death bry oat wheat
all-purpose flour
whatever you have mixed 1 tsp sugar 1
tsp dry yeast 1 tablespoon salt warm
spiced coriander Nigella sativa black
seed tikka esmad fenugreek a bish
caraway neck as most powder 1 TSP each 1
cup oil
preparation first makes active dry yeast
sugar into the lukewarm water and let it
stand for about five minutes when starts
to bubble add one half cooked her flour
mix it well and cover with plastic wrap
and let stand at room temperature to
ferment overnight for ten to twelve
hours even longer is fine this will be
used as East for the dough next day add
the flour 1/2 teff rye oats and
all-purpose one cup each measure
according to your pan and oil and spices
then have to knead very well by hand you
have to knead until Berkut ohm’s smooth
make sure that the dough is flexible and
cover with plastic wrap and allow to
rise until double knead again two to
three minutes and cover it again and
leave it in a warm place to rise
meantime place Dutch oven with lid in
the oven or bread pan and preheat to 450
degrees Fahrenheit
when oven hot carefully out using oven
gloves wrap inside by baking paper or
parchment paper or false banana leaf and
set move the dough from the bowl in
place gently into the hot Dutch oven or
the aluminum baking pan or any bakery
pan and cover the top by banana leaf or
baking paper or aluminum foil place it
in the oven cover and bake for 30
minutes then open the top and let stay
10 to 15 minutes without cover until the
top is crusty and golden brown bake the
bread 35 to 40 minutes and turn off the
oven and take out the bread set on a
rack to cool down then remove the banana
leaf or baking paper if you use false
banana leaf the taste of the bread will
be amazing the leaf will get dark burned
that the bread will be crispy enjoy
false banana leaf and set or banana leaf
you can get any supermarket like giant
shoppers Mexican store inside the
if you are interested in different foods
from my mama your gurus kitchen we
encourage you to try this recipe you can
make and enjoy eating with your family
and friends all the ingredients and
directions listed on our website as
always ww and reviews calm and you can
always find different stores or subpoena
and air tearing restaurants please don’t
forget to visit our website until next
time when you are in the kitchen
remember and Mama you could use
delicious food recipes please subscribe
for more videos like thumbs up and share
this video thanks for watching bye guys

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