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132: Keep it up! #bakewithjack SUPPORT & 50K! – Bake with Jack – Bread Tip

I don’t know if I’m talking to you or to me sometimes. 50K subscribers is HUGE and as things grow, things change for me and so the Instagram hashtag evolves and takes on a new meaning. Support one another if I can’t be there for you…

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Video Transcription

hey Owen Baker’s is Jack here I bakewith Jack Coto UK bringing you yourweekly bread making tip every singleThursday roll that fiend chew hellothere welcome back to the bakery JackYouTube channel where I share a littlebit my bread making expertise with youevery single Thursday and you may havenoticed you might have spotted it at thebakery Jack YouTube channel hit anothermilestone the other day of 50,000subscribers and I could make a 50,000subscribers celebration video right nowI could do that if I wanted to I couldbe all like hey you guys I’m superexcited to announce that today wereached 50,000 subscribers right here onthe bakery Jack You Tube channel thankyou all so much every single one of youfor pressing that little red button wefinally made it we finally made it to 50K yes I wanted to like many others dolike I’ve certainly done in the past I’mpretty sure I did it for 1,000subscribers are may well have even doneit for 10,000 subscribers but thingschange and I appreciate the change andso I wanted to do something a littledifferent with this video let’s see if Ican pull it off shall weI have a vision of a video that bringsyou value and in some way explains thedifficulties of hitting the 50,000subscribers without sounding like anungrateful bastard a video thatexpresses my appreciation for you allbeing here for me and simultaneouslyapologizes for me not being there foryou a video with the underlining moralthat maybe in one way or another we canall be there for each other in our ownlearning journeys so here goes I had anemail from somebody recently who spenttwo years making bread that they weren’thappy with making bread they weredisappointed with two years they triedand tried again but they couldn’t crackuntil recently they happened upon one ofmy videos and whatever nugget of wisdomit was that I mentioned in that videohighlighted a mistake they’ve beenmaking all along and then great breadsuccess now I’m not telling you this soI can show off about it just because oneof my videos took away their pain aftertwoyears of suffering I’m not selling thisI can sit up on my kitchen table and saysomething along the lines of I bet if itwasn’t for me they would have never havedone it I’m telling you this becausepeople like that are inspiring to methat is incredible persistence ifsomebody says to me they’ve been failingfor two years in keeping going my firstresponse is like wow nice work that’sunbelievable because to be quite honestfrom my part I would have probably lostinterest than given up a long time agothey didn’t lose interest they didn’tgive up and now they reap the rewards oftheir persistence it’s incredible nowthe thing is that this person and manyother people like that person and manyother people on the cusp of throwing inthe tower right here watch in this videowith you they may be sitting on thecouch and your same street they might bein a different country they could evenbe on a different continent but thepoint is they are here and we are heretogether and it’s a funny place thisstrange virtual reality that we all livein because as connected as we might bewe may not feel like we are connectedand that’s something that I strugglewith a little bit I receive emails frompeople who are upset with me and the oddcomment is well every once in a whilethere’s such a tiny fraction of thewhole you know but the trouble is thatthat fraction gets bigger and biggerrecently in relationship to my reachwhich is to be accepted it’s logical itwill happen and it is to be acceptedsometimes that fraction is so loud thatis all that I hear it hurts it makes mesad and at times I think that is notfair but also I doubt myself a littlebit in one day if it actually is it’snot that easy all the time and some daysthat towel toss feels more appealing tome than others so I can write a recipeand I can make a video of me making thatrecipe in the hope that I help you andthen I can make more videos addressingsome of the questions that are mightarise in response to that original videoand for some that might never be enoughbecause whencomes down to it comes down to youfeeling the need and having the energyto try succeeding or failing tryingagain or giving up the whole seeminglypointless thing and that’s your decisionnot mine it’s your right to decide ifyou want to knock the whole thing on thehead or not and whatever you do decide Ican be here for you or I can let you goand you can disappear from this littlebubble forever but the real shame of itis this if you were to give it all up tono longer carry on and you weren’t awareof how close you came you didn’t knowthat just one more thing could have beenthe answer to your woes if you turnedaround and walked away from this withoutbeing aware of the resources availableto help you with that just one morething and make you feel better aboutyour efforts than that is a shame thereare people here in this virtual worldpeople to ask people to bounce thingsoff and a sad truth of it is that thebigger my reached becomes the morepeople I reach the more people I upsetbecause the more I spread myself thinnerand thinner unable to personally respondso all of your needs I don’t know what’sbetter and what’s worse to be fullypresent for the few or to be partly andsometimes not present for the many I’vegot a strong feeling like I know whatthe answer is to that question and I’vealso got a strong feeling that it’sprobably the opposite to this game thatwe all play in this on-line world andthat’s why this milestone if you likehas got somewhat of a tainted edge to itit can’t be fully celebrating it in itsentirety because it means differentthings for us if I celebrate the growthof what is effectively my channel thenit means I let more of you down thebigger things get here the more I haveto let go and that’s hard this videoI’ve got a little bit deeper than what Iintended and I’m sorry if that’s but notwhat you signed up for it’s not what youexpected because we were just muckingabout with bread dough here but itwouldn’t be right for me to do anythingdifferent than to speak the truth thepoint I was trying to make when I wrotethe title for this video is for you tokeep it up and share out how you’regetting on becausehelps other people too I used toencourage you to post out pictures ofyour bread on instagram using thehashtag Bank with Jack so you could allshow me what you’re baking I could lookhere and I could go yes most of the timenow I fail to see all of those posts Isee some of them I don’t see them allwhich in some flip of the coin is a niceopportunity for us to give that hashtaga new meaning sure you can post yourbread baking pictures out on instagramusing the hashtag bake which I canalways see some of them but more thanthat visit that hashtag click on itspend some time in there see what otherpeople are doing in their own kitchenson your street possibly in anothercountry in another continent witnesstheir challenges offer advice based onyour experience celebrate theirsuccesses if they can be there for youand you can be there for them too keepit up and be there for one another if Ican’t be there directly for you so herewe areDK Hey and numbers are low never feellike a milestone but when I think aboutitit means that fifty thousand peoplepotentially I am helping or have helpedin the past and that’s a nice feeling iffifty thousand people I’ve got somevalue out of something that I dothat’s literally what I’m here for tobring value to you so thank you forbeing here thank you for pressing thebutton and although on here in thebakery Jack ChannelI don’t monetize this channel it doesn’tmake me or YouTube the big cheese is upat YouTube towers don’t make them anymoney but perhaps it just lets them knowthat you know what this guy’s all rightpeople like this guy he’s the right hebrings value and maybe they’ll show thevideos out to more people in some sortof weird algorithm thing I feel likethere’s loads of people in cloaksgathered around the fire going home whodecide what the algorithm does yummy isthat weird if I can’t be there for you100% directly like I used to do then I’msorry if you sent me an email rightcomment I didn’t respond at all oh Ididn’t respond right away then thatsucks for you I’m sorry I understandthat but keep persisting and keep takinginspiration from those who arepersistinghelp one another on your journeys tomake amazing bread at home so post yourbake sale on instagram using the hashtagbakery jack and what’s more visit thatplace and take a look around we’ll allbenefit so there it is your video for aweek did I did I do it did I pull it offI don’t know I hope soeither that or you’re all thinking toyourself man that bakery Jack what I’mgrateful barWow I bet you weren’t expecting that foryour Thursday bread tip 10 minutes ofyour life that you’ll never get back heylisten if you’re baking bread at homepost our an instagram using the hashtagbake with jack and visit that place tosupport one another if I can’t be therefor you thanks so much for watching thisweek’s bread tip I look forward toseeing you next week for another one seeyayou

14 Replies to “132: Keep it up! #bakewithjack SUPPORT & 50K! – Bake with Jack – Bread Tip

  1. Congratulations Jack! Been watching your videos for about 4 months. You’re an amazing teacher and seem like a great lad.

  2. Anyone who’s ever made a difference in the world has received grief for it. People that complain about how you’re making the world better will never accomplish anything. Be sad about it, but for them. You rock.

  3. I’ve just found your channel and the last two loafs using your technique are the best loafs i’ve ever made. Don’t listen to the negative wankers, please keep this great channel going as long as you can.

  4. YouTube is an excellent source of information but each of us has to sift through all the info to find the useful information that pertains to each of us individually. Your channel is full of useful info but each baker has unique needs and are at different stages of experience. I think you do an excellent job teaching what you know! It ignited a fire in me to acquire as much knowledge as possible to help me make a sourdough loaf as delicious as a pro can make while at home! Keep your head up you’re an excellent teacher! I look forward to your videos!

  5. Morning matey … well that was a bit of early morning soul searching, and as always love your honesty. Forget the 50,000 if you help ONE person it makes it all worthwhile. Social media will always have that double edge but so so important you put the negs into perspective. There will always be those that criticise no matter what you do. Its all about choosing where to spend your energy, and I have no doubt there a lots more people who have been inspired to give it a go. Don’t underestimate the silent majority either, as someone said to me yesterday “silence is a sign of quality and satisfaction”. So keep your confidence, don’t overthink it, and be the best version of you that you possibly can.

  6. Yeah, Jack does speak the truth. Listen carefully to what he says and you quickly realize what makes Jack so outstanding and what makes his followers so successful when implementing what he teaches us. Jack you are outstanding mate.

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