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👩🏾‍🍳 COOK WITH ME Spaghetti fried chicken and garlic bread 👩🏾‍🍳

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Video Transcription

with a family issue girl doll face gollyand as you can tell by the title of thisvideo today I am going to be cookingspaghetti garlic bread and fried chickenso as you see already that I have myonions cut up already I’m about to cutmy bell peppers up and I also have aonion cutter to cut my onions and bellpeppers into fine pieces because get itcut out a lot of time cuz you know yourdrill like to cook to easy way okay solet me go ahead and finish chopping thisup guys and I’ll come back and show youthe fine pieces inside of the onioncutter how they will turn out and if youwant this onion cutter I got it from mylocal Walmart um I forgot the price ofhow much I paid for it but I will lookit up and I will put it in thedescription box below so yeah y’all letme go hitting them so our chopping thesepeppers up and then I’ll go to my nextstep y’all stay tunedI hung it up it’s a fine pieces firstwhat I do I put it down camera shakingjust come back when I’m doing choppingthis up yeah okay yeah so my onions andpeppers are chopped up very fine as youcan see the next stepthank you can see I’ll rinse my chickenokay so I’m about to go get some iseason my chicken first thing I wantedto use and it says Tony no next I’mgoing to use Blanc Potter next I’m goingto use X and season next I’m going touse this all great seasoning all-purposeGreek city host easily okay Jesus[Music][Music]I’m going to put my chicken inside someflour and then fry it I already have mydeep fryer ready so go what we’re goingwaiting on next to come to Avoyelles asI’m gonna add my spaghetti noodles andthen yeah I’ll be right back so this isour dessert but tonight which isstrawberry crunch cake ice cream cakethis tape so freaking do it like to diefor do it okay and I got this from mylocal Walmart and me and my family wereally do enjoy this okay take sowonderful okay get going is boiling asyou can see now I’m about to start myground beefand mix my onions and bell peppers andstuff like that together please if Imeet will he do it and your girl will beback to show you guys the perfect timeto season my meat seasoning[Music][Music]and yeah so the fried chicken is doinglook good go to the crispy[Music][Music]and then and it’s a pot and then add theground beef and everything with thespaghetti that add my spaghetti sauceand then mix it all together and boldyour girl will be done but just stayedso for that I added my ragu sauce in myItalian seasoning here is luck spaghettiI added a little bit of sugar becauseyou like a little sugar in our spaghettiand right now just let it cook a littlebit more and then I’m about to put mygarlic bread in the oven and then I’llbe donecooking y’all okay you guys so this isthe final result of our meal spaghetticalling braids in chicken and I havecheese on top of my spaghetti and ifyour dish to this channel go ahead alifetime and subscribe to our Channelturn your notification bell on till yoube notified new content cuz your girlcoming back with more videos I want tothank you guys for watching once againit’s all love peace[Music]

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