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Hey y’all! Today I’m sharing a dinner blog where I am cooking homemade bread (see recipe below), blackened chicken Alfredo (with homemade sauce-recipe below) and salad. It was delicious and I had so much fun bringing y’all along! Enjoy!

Alfredo Sauce:
3/4 pint heavy whipping cream
1 stick salted butter
5 oz shaved Parmesan cheese
2 tsp minced garlic
Freshly ground pepper-to taste


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Video Transcription

hey y’all it’s Brady welcome to mychannel thank you so much for joining meI’m really glad to have you here if youare new here we are a family on fourplus a crazy dog so there we have a fiveyear old a two year old my husband andmyself plus our crazy dog my husbandworks crazy hours I work crazy hourspart-time and I’m also in school or elsethe oldest is in school so life is busyjust like everyone else but I wanted toshare with y’all and cook with me videotoday so I am not working todayit is about three thirty three twentyfive to be exact and I am finishing upsome bread and then we’re gonna makechicken alfredo for dinner so we tend toeat pretty early about 4:45 five o’clockbecause the girls go to bed pretty earlyand so I want to go ahead and get thisbread going I’ll link the recipe downbelow but it is a no need bread andwe’re gonna fingers cross hope thisturns out so far I’ve not had much luckwith bread but I have read reviews andwatch this video multiple times they allsay it’s very easy so we shall see I’mgonna go ahead and throw in right nowthe clip for you where I mixed up theingredients and again I’ll link thevideo and the recipe down below for youand go from therecuz this one is not my recipe but we’rehoping it works out if it does I am surethis will be a recipe that we do oftenokay so this first step here I’m justshowing you mixing everything up we’vegot three cups of flour calls forall-purpose or baking flour but I hadself-rising so I just didn’t have thesalt that’s called for in the recipequarter teaspoon of yeast and it is justthe active dry yeast and she said itdoesn’t matter what kind of east you useso we’re going with it and a cup and ahalf of hot but not boiling water mixingit up I did show you that little ballover to my right is just a bowl of acouple of tablespoons of extra flourthat weneed for shaping this dough ball afterit rises so you can see it is a supershaggy dough the recipe and her videoassured me that’s the way it is supposedto be so you just roughly mix that upthere that’s what it looks like it kindof looks to me like a shaggy biscuitdough so yeah and then some plastic wrapif I can get this apart you’re gonna seeme struggle with it as I always do withplastic wrap but I literally only keepit around for something like this Ithink I’ve had that roll of plastic wrapfor like two years because that’sliterally all I use it for so okay sonow that you saw how I mixed it all upand how simple that was I’ve just gottwo tablespoons of flour which is whatthe recipe calls for just to kind offlip this bread around and shape it intoa ball and then we’re gonna let it riseabout thirty more minutes while we waiton our oven to preheat to 450 with theDutch oven in the oven as well so thatthat all gets preheated so I’m going tostart that now and then I’ll set you upso you can watch me kind of form this upand get it ready okay so time to shapethis loaf I’ve got my oven preheating to450 with the Dutch oven in there andthat’s the way that you’ll want to do itso that the Dutch oven also reaches 450don’t want to put it in a cold Dutchoven and then into the hot oven you wantit all that same temperature so you candefinitely see it has risen I don’t knowthat it doubled in size but itdefinitely rose which is good it’s agood sign so far and like I said I’lllet she said you can in her recipe shesaid you can leave it for more thanthree hours I just stuck with the threehours because I wanted it to be done fordinner but I think I might do it evenearlier next time she said it doesn’tmatter each one at least three hours andso I’m just tucking all this in she saidabout 12 turns and so no real kneadingit definitely looks like a loaf of breadhere so yeah put it on your parchmentput it in a bowl and then we’re gonnacover it with a towel and you just letit sitand rest until the oven is preheated andthen you put it in there so yeah therewe gosuper simple and then I’m just gonnaclean up my kitchen in the meantimewhile we wait okay so here’s thedisaster from my bread making whichisn’t much the dishes that have yet tobe unloaded my plate and seasonings thatI’m going to use for making the chickenand then the lunch box was there and mycup of water and you know just all thestuff I don’t know about you but I feellike with a smaller kitchen space if Iput like four things on the counter thenthe counters are full so we try to keepthem as clear as possible this is justthat time of the day where the disheshad not been unloaded and reloaded yetand I was like actively cooking so timeto clean it up again we’re gonna keepthis plate because I just got it out toput the chicken on and then we’ll putour seasonings on it here in a bit moveall those over as well hope somebodyleft their snack okay so I’m just gonnaunload these put some music on for y’alland let’s just sit back and watch mekind of tidy up while I’m waiting onthat oven to heat up so I can put in ourbreadokay so now that everything is cleanedup and our timer or our preheat went offI’m gonna pull this out very carefullykeep in mind it’s gonna be very heavyand very hot you can use whatever sizeDutch oven you want and I’m just goingto put this bread in here like I saidwith the parchment paper stillunderneath put the lid on and put it infor thirty minutes and then at thatpoint we will remove the lid and cookanother ten to fifteen minuteswell show you the final part there inthe meantime don’t forget that’s okay soI have got frico and cayenne peppergarlic powder some minced onions youcould use onion powder also someHimalayan pink salt and some freshground black pepper so I’m just going tospice but if you don’t like the spiceyou could just leave it over you can putthe few holes as well and that’s why Iliterally put them on there because youshould no matter what you are going tolosenow I like to make them like blackbecause it’s checking each other’srecipe but you can do yours with anykind of seasoning you like you couldmarinate it you could do whatever youwant with that so yeah you’re going toget like I love to hear than play like Imake it along it’s it’s amazingok so probably 2 tablespoons tablespoonand a half and we’re just gonna let thatheat upspices away while we’re waitingnow there’s also they have I think it’scalled chicken chicken and that was ismy favorite if I’m going to use apremade spice blend but what I wassaying is you could use in conflatingyou like you could marinate it in anykind of marinating you have you can useleftover grilled chicken this does nothave to be complicated so don’t let thatfreak you outso I’m also gonna go ahead and get outof pot to boil noodles and tomato sauceyou could have coolers grill thisoutside on the grill you could you coulduse already like the frozen the grilledchicken whatever you prefer whatever youhave on hand so I’m just going with thiswe’re just gonna sear it today a lot oftimes I’ll marinate a bunch of chickenat the beginning of the week and Grillthat up and I’m our George Foreman grillso that we have that for salads and atable well normally I grill that out wehave grill it all up at the beginningevery week we’ll have that to snack onfor lunches for salad and for thingslike this but I don’t have any mate sowhat I’m gonna do is just sear this upso I’ll show you that process tooyou want it hot enough to sear it butalso hot enough to or not too hot towear it burns on the outside and doesn’tcook in the middle and so this these twochicken breasts will be more than enoughfor us the girls will probably end upbeing something else that’s just thenature of how this goes when I make thespicy your season not that this is spicyin my taste but it definitely is for thegirls soso I’ll show you what all this lookslike and then I’ll just slice thischickenokay here we are it’s still pretty warmbut I had to slice into it so is what itlooks like and obviously it would havebeen not quite so dense I don’t think ifI hadn’t thought awaited to cut into itbut mmm that’s delicious it is a littlesalty which excuse me I don’t know if isbecause I had to use self-rising flourinstead of all-purpose but I’m loving itthat was super easy and I think theverdict is that we will continue to makethis recipe so yeah I can’t wait tohopefully have some of it leftwe’ll see we’re big I love bread sowe’ll see but uh I’m hoping by the endof the week to have a little bit less tomake some homemade croutons I thinkthat’ll be really delicious let me showyou a peek over here our chicken and Idecided to cook up the girl food chickenplain so I’ve got that heating up forthereall this is restingalfredo sauce is really simple so itdoesn’t take much time at all to cometogether okay so I’ve got my pot ofwater boiling back or coming to a boilwe’ve got a stick of butter here meltingand this is the point of the recipewhere I am kind of messing up and addingthe whole thing of whipping cream butwhatever uh-huh minced garlic definitelytime to go to Sam’s Club that’s almostout five ounces of formula and cheeseand the pint of heavy whipping creamyou want to wait till your butter iscompletely melted add your whippingcream stir it together and let that warmyou do not want to boil it you do noteven really want it to come to a simmeryou just want to watch for that to cometogether there and then you see I amcooking some plain chicken for the girlsover there so just gonna get thatflipped over and watch this cometogether here and then once the creamhas come together we will add our mincedgarlic and then we add our cheese sodefinitely need to get some more garlicbut this is a very inexpensive meal Imean even if you factor in the cheeseand buying garlic you know if you had tobuy a small container from Aldi orWalmart plus one of my sticks of butteryou’re looking at it and the pastayou’re looking and the chicken a poundof chicken you’re looking at sevendollars for this meal that will easilyfeed four and possibly six if you’ve gotlittle kids so I definitely think that’sa great deal you know that turns intowhat like a dollar seventy-five perpersondon’t litchi per than eating that outsomewhere so we’re just gonna add ourgarlic here and that has sat for a whileand just kind of come together so we’realso going to throw in our cheese I liketo leave a little bit just to put on thetop when it is done once I have put mychicken on there and my sauce and mynoodles and all of that I like to justgarnish it a little bit with someParmesan shredded pieces and you juststir it together of course I have spedthis up a little bit for you but itdefinitely comes together quickly thiswhole meal especially if you alreadyhave that chicken together takes justminutes but you can do all of this inabout 30 minutes aside from the breadand even the breads not much it’s justthat waiting period is just a simplesalad some buttermilk ranch excusing wehave left in the fridge here is our Salor our pasta I’m realizing now that youprobably only want to use half of thatpoint so I will change that down in thedescription box for you it definitelymade ours too liquidy but it is stillflavorful so there you go and it doesn’tlook quite so appealing spread out on aplate but I’m loving it it tastesdelicious I’ve already taste tested thesauce and get us a wedge of yummy crustybread on therethat is dinner the girls are having justthat plain chicken and some fruits andveggies and ranch to go along with butthat’s it that’s how you make chickenalfredo super simple super easy you cando it quickly using whatever chicken youhave on hand whatever recipe you prefernever you mind all that disaster messback behind me but thank y’all so muchfor joining me againI love having y’all here thank you forbearing with me as I learned how to usea tripod and how to do all this stuffbut I really appreciate it and I willtalk to y’all down in the comments letme know are you a chicken alfredo fan ornot some people don’t like alfredo saucesome people have never had it fromscratch and I think that makes thedifference because jarred sauce to me isI just can’t handle it I know somepeople love it and you know what if youlove dark use that you do you but we’regonna do this way you can hear my kiddoschomping at the bit to eat dinner solet’s get in there bye guys thank you somuch for joining me

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