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🍞 Lammas Bread Spell: Easy Lughnasadh Celebration Ritual

A Lammas ritual should include bread! Click here to find Lammas ritual ideas:

The Old English meaning of Lammas is “loaf mass”, the big celebration of harvest. The symbolism of this bread is saving and storing for the coming winter so most rituals have to do with blessing the foods prepared.

Before you put the loaf into the oven, dip a paintbrush in milk and write on the crust what you most desire. I spellt “Heal” because this year, 2020, the world is in so much need for healing.

Bake the bread and eat it while still warm.

The Lammas book includes a protection ritual breaking the bread into four pieces, and a chant that goes as follows:

“I call on the spirits
Of north and south, east and west
Protect this place
Now, at the time of the Blessing.”

You can leave the bread as an offering, for the birds to eat, bury the pieces, or share it with friends and family.

Original of the video here

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