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||•Kanye’s world•|| attempting to make bread 🤣😂 funny ash😂

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Video Transcription

if she can’t slap it out of their handsand I don’t want that bitch I feel likeafter my hereso you guys are welcome back[Music]what’s up guys is it go Konya backAnnika they were back with another videopiri I know I am sorry you haven’t inperson and I’m very very very very longtimeokay I was really was really interruptedjust now yes another long time I justhad I just didn’t have the right qualityand stuff and good editing things foryeah good software yes I will try topost mortemfrom now on because[Music]Chris Moews what I’m using right now isa – a loved oneI just didn’t get my tripod on anythingyet but something with that I see youguys can tell by the title I’m justgoing to make bird attempting to bait soyeah so I’m gonna get the ingredientsand I will be back back I’m going tobake the bread[Music]but what I’m using to bake the breadisn’t going on many times but what I’musing to make the brothers a bread makerand then we could get this little placeso the first thing I’m going for theinside of the bread maker is a flowerI’m going to take three full cups ofthis it is two and a halfI mean to the core I am very anxious I’mgoing to level it off properly[Music]you got that treatment everybody withoutright from there it’s unusually stabletea inside so this thing is so what I’mgoing to do is take one teaspoon[Music]this fact I’m going to do sweetums[Music]and she tablespoon[Music]but wayone[Music]no we’re gonna put the cup of waterinside oh yeah[Music]NoI went to close it up I’m going to plugit in there you have the time I’ll setthis on its ground push above thatexcept make sure you guys like commentand subscribeturn on your push notification tell afriend to tell a friend you don’t knoweither – for more comment on below somevideo suggestions and on instagram i’llbe posting stories about what videos Ishould do maybe have my friend FrankFranklike someone in my friend[Music]

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